Al Mallu movie review: A simple film with a relevant message


Al Mallu starring Namitha Pramod in the lead role narrates the struggles and aspirations of young Malayali expatriates. New comer Faris appears opposite Namitha in this movie directed by Boban Samuel. The movie which is shot entirely in Dubai and Abu Dhabi perfectly portrays the challenges faced by a young Malayali girl in the Gulf. Namitha plays the role of Nayana who is an IT professional. Al Mallu is bankrolled by Sajilis Majeed for the banner of Mehfil Productions. Sidhique, Midhun Ramesh, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Anoop, Sinil Sainudeen, Lal, Sheelu Abraham, Varada, Mia and Jennifer essay pivotal roles in the movie.


Nayana has left her family and hometown to a foreign land to build a comfortable life and achieve her dreams. Meanwhile, a youngster confesses his love for Nayana. However, quite unexpectedly, she has an unpleasant experience from him, prompting Nayana to break off their relationship. Later, when Nayana’s friend too has a similar experience from the same person she is determined to expose him. The film deals with the events that follow.


Sreekumar, who newly joins Nayana’s office, is an introvert. He is particularly scared to be friendly with women (the psychological reason behind his condition is later revealed in the movie). However, he falls for the beautiful Nayana. The film narrates whether Nayana would realize Sreekumar’s love for her. Simultaneously, it also deals with the true and intimate friendship shared by the expatriates. Besides, Al Mallu portrays the challenges faced by expatriate women and their survival.


Al Mallu is a female oriented movie which talks about their issues. It is Namitha’s incredible performance that drives the movie forward. The actress has done justice to her character, which has depth and is different from the usual feel – good roles that she had done so far. Miya makes her entry towards the end of the movie. Though her character seemed as if it had shades of grey when the trailer was released, she effortlessly shatters the audience’s prejudices. New comer Faris too impresses with his earnest performance. Anoop, who plays the role of the villain, did an impressive job. Mithun Ramesh and Varada have carried off their roles perfectly. The director has been able to give an unexpected emotional shade to Mithun’s character.


Technical brilliance

The movie relies on its solid screen play and brilliant direction. The cinematographer has amazingly captured the beauty of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in stunning frames. The songs composed by Ranjin Raj have already topped the hit list. The peppy numbers and the beautiful melodies are sure to excite music lovers.



The movie takes a strong stand against branding women as immoral and men as innocent victims when it comes to adhering to the moral standards of the society. Al Mallu effectively makes a few valid statements about many relevant issues, especially when the women's safety has become a challenge.