Moon milk to relax your mind and body

moon milk

Moon milk has the incredible goodness of ashwagandha, nutmeg powder, and turmeric. It can relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. Besides, it boosts immunity and helps you sleep at night.

Consultant nutritionist Roopali Dutta says that these ingredients contain many elements that help relax your mind. The body enters into internal healing mode when it is relaxed and asleep at night. The nutritious ingredients in the moon milk can accelerate this process.

Check out the recipe for delicious and nutritious moon milk.

1 glass milk
½ tsp ashwagandha
½ tsp turmeric powder
A pinch of nutmeg powder
1 tsp coconut milk (optional)

Boil the milk on low heat
Add the ashwagandha, turmeric and nutmeg powder
Mix well
Turn off the flame when the milk boils well
Keep it aside for at least 5-10 minutes for the herbs to get infused
Add coconut oil and mix well
You could add sugar or jaggery if you prefer it sweet.