Suresh Gopi's son in isolation, actor urges everyone to stay indoors


Malayalam actor-politician Suresh Gopi revealed that his son who had returned from London is on self isolation. He added that he has decided to keep away all his programs and stay at home just because he has realized the intensity of the infection. He was part of a dicussion held in Manorama News channel. He urged everyone to stay indoors and deem this lockdown phase as a personal prayer for the wellbeing of the global society.

Suresh Gopi revealed that his youngest son too was in the same flight in which a Covid 19 positive patient had flown. He had been staying in isolation in a vacant flat since the news came out. The actor said that his eldest son and his secretary Paul too were staying in the same flat as the boy is too young to live alone. Food is sent to them through Suresh Gopi’s driver who owns an auto rickshaw. Suresh Gopi said that his driver carries a written undertaking while taking food for them. He added that police had asked the driver not to use auto rickshaw as others too might follow suit. Now, he has borrowed a scooter just to carry the food. Suresh Gopi said that the scooter wouldn’t be used anymore when his sons are back after completing the quarantine period.

Suresh Gopi and family
Suresh Gopi and family

“I used to fly to Delhi at least twice a week and have been shooting for movies and Kodeeswaran. If I had decided to give everything up and stay at home in just one night, I am sure everyone can.”

While many people have been criticizing the police for using force on the lockdown violators, Suresh Gopi, MP, thinks it is okay to use force or fowl language to make the people realize their mistake. He added that the Chief Minister shouldn’t impose too many restrictions on the police force as the latter are trying to prevent the transmission of corona virus.

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“It is alright to use fowl language or beat the violators without harming or hurting any organ in the body. You cannot complain if the people rectify their mistakes only if they are beaten. I think the Chief Minister shouldn’t impose too many restrictions on the police force. Moreover, we must salute this force for their impeccable services,” said Suresh Gopi.

Suresh Gopi and family

When the anchor pointed out that the police were criticized for the way they handled a youth in Kollam who had stepped out to buy bananas, the parliamentarian said that those who criticize the police for doing their jobs should be slapped. The video of the incident had gone viral, with some people saying that the officer was trying to play Bharatchandran (a popular cop character played by Suresh Gopi) in real life.

“People must understand that the police are working for all of us. If things get out of their hands, then the army would be called in. They don’t differentiate between Malayalis or Tamilians or people who speak any other language, they just recognize human beings. Take this as a warning. I too have the responsibility to warn my fellow citizens. Everyone should extend their support to the police force,” noted Suresh Gopi.

“The reins of the police force are wielded by the government and they clearly know when to loosen it or hold it tight. Those who do not cooperate with the police should pay the price. I have always had great respect for the police force. Policing, in fact, is a mental state. We should understand their stress and pressures. People should impose self restrictions over their journeys. I express my gratitude and respect to the doctors, nurses and the district collectors as well,” said the actor.

The parliamentarian said that he is regularly in touch with the collectors of Wayanad, Kasaragod and Pathanamthitta districts. He added that he speaks with the Chief Minister’s office as well.

Suresh Gopi asked whether the lockdown was something that needs to be observed just by the Prime Minster or the Chief Minister. He added that everyone needs to get adjusted to it. The actor said that he had returned from Delhi last Thursday and had gone to the temple on Friday morning. On Saturday, he went out to buy some essentials and groceries as he knew that the lockdown would begin next day. Suresh Gopi emphasized that he hadn’t even gone near the gate ever since the lockdown has been announced.

“Everyone should stay at their homes. You could think about lots of novel ideas sitting at home. This is the time to enquire about the well being of your friends and relatives. You could listen to music; share what you have with someone else as well. You need to be careful about the food habits. Do not waste even a single grain of rice.”

“21 days is just the first phase of the lockdown. I cannot assure that it would be lifted after that. All you need is strict discipline. Today, the world doesn’t have luxury of freedom,” concluded Suresh Gopi.