Goan fish fry


There's a lot common to Goa and Kerala -- the coastline, the sea and the fish. Both the states love fish and eat a lot of it too.

While Goans love their fish with a hint of sugar and lots of tamarind, Keralites would rather plump for the red chilly curry, hot and spicy. Today’s special is fish fry, the way it’s done in Goa, from chef Naushad.

Here's to Goan-style fish fry.

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½ kg seer fish

50 gm dry red chillies

1 small piece of cinnamon

4 cloves

20 gm pepper

2 tbsp toddy vinegar

½ tsp tamarind

½ tsp sugar



Grind all ingredients to a fine paste

Marinate the fish with this masala and fry

As simple as that!