What excites ‘handsome chef’ Amrit, the star in 'Dhe Chef'?

What excites ‘handsome chef’ Amrit, the star in 'Dhe Chef'?

‘Dhe Chef’, south India’s largest cookery show, has won the hearts and minds of the Malayali community the world over. While the reality show on Mazhavil Manorama has made each of the contestants hot favourites in family living rooms, the judges were an even bigger hit.

Chef Amrit Appadan was noted as much for his killer looks as his cooking prowess. The 'handsome chef” comes with diverse experience in the gastronomic industry.

How did you choose the hotel management industry?

Cooking was my passion from a young age. I always tried to know more about this field. I did a lot of research before entering this field. My father and mother knew well that my interests lay in cooking. So they did not have any qualms about letting me pursue it. I worked in several hotels after I completed my studies. My target was dish management though.

You studied in Saudi Arabia. What do they think of Indian cuisine?

You can experiment with a lot of cuisines in Saudi Arabia because people from across the world come to work in that country. Indian dishes stand out among them. They are very familiar with the tastes of our masalas as well as chapati and naan. You can see lengthy queues in front of Indian restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

About foodies and street food?

Street food has its specialties. There are many reasons for people with varied interests going after street food. Unbelievably low prices is one of the factors. Street food is affordable to the common man. The out-of-the-world taste is another factor.

Have you goofed up in cooking?

Of course, but not recently. Those things happened in my childhood. But I could learn a lot from those mistakes.