‘Cooking is not meant for women alone’

“Mutton Biriyani is something that I would like to cook for my wife,” says the loving husband Robert Bobby George, Dronacharya award winner and the husband of national record setting athlete Anju Bobby George. This husband who has coached his own wife has also tried his hand at the kitchen and is quite happy to tell Onmanorama that he would not mind cooking any non-vegetarian dish for his dearest wife on March 8 that happens to be International Women's Day. Fondly remembering the past, he says, “In the beginning when I had married Anju, she did not know how to cook as she was busy in the sports field and I was the one who used to cook, but now, she is far better than me”. Coming from a family of 10 children consisting of eight brothers and two sisters, Robert Bobby George thinks that cooking is not meant for women alone. “We were eight brothers, and we used to help our mother in the kitchen” says Bobby George. Sharing a savoured moment, he says, “For the past 10 years, I have been the one to make payasam at home, be it ada or parippu, especially during Onam. The house will be filled with siblings and their families during that season and I will be the one to make payasam for all specially in an Uruli (a brazen vessel used to cook food for a large number of people).