Ormayil Oru Sisiram movie review : Reminiscing lovely school days


Looks like the Malayalam cinema has decided to turn its camera from the college campuses to the chirpy and delightful school premises. A handful of movies that were released in the first half of this year dealt with school life and teenage love. The latest movie to find a place in this list is Ormayil Oru Sisiram directed by debutant Vivek Aryan. This movie is a breezy love story which amazingly portrays the two different stages in the life of the protagonist.

Actor Deepak Parambol, who wowed the Malayali audience with his natural acting skills in movies like Thattathin Marayathu, Kunjiramayanam and Rakshadhikari Baiju essays the lead role in this movie. Debutant Anaswara Ponnambathu does a fine job as the leading lady. Ormayil Oru Sisiram features an ensemble cast of Irshad, Asokan, Mala Parvathy, Sudheer Karamana, Alencieer, Sijoy Varghese and Basil Joseph. The camera is cranked by Arun James and the background score is by Ranjin Raj.

Ormayil Oru Sisiram beautifully unfolds the love story of Nithin and Varsha. Nithin, a young man, who is close to achieving his biggest dream in life, quite unintentionally and unexpectedly, finds himself mired in the memories of his former lover. These memories instantly take him back to his school days. This movie mesmerizingly captures the colours and thrills of the plus two life and the pangs of teenage love as well. Nithin, in the present day, meets his lover and the audience would be curious to know whether the couple finally gets together. The climax perfectly captures the attention of the viewers with the smooth flow of the plot. 

Deepak Parambol, in Ormayil Oru Sisiram, has made an excellent transition from a supporting actor to a lead actor. He does justice to his role by easily adopting the body languages of the character in the two different stages of his life. Filmmaker Basil Joseph too has made an amazing impression with his special skill to handle humour. The movie mostly portrays the first few years of the twenty-first century and the director deserves credit for recreating the decade with so much authenticity. The background score, cinematography and the songs are fresh and give the audience an amazing cinematic experience. 

There is no scope for a detailed and in-depth analysis of the movie, as its intention is not to convey a didactic or intelligent message. Ormayil Oru Sisiram offers a nostalgic trip to your wonderful school days, sweet love and the pain of lost love as well.