Adam’s Tea Stall

Calicut: In Adam's chayakkada (tea stall), you'll find chicken _Pottitherichathu_(chicken exploded). Adding to the amusement, there will also be Chicken Hungama, Antham vitta Appam (surprised appam) and _olichu kalikkana chemmeenkoottam (prawns playing hide and seek)! These are part of the creative outbursts of Team Adaminte chayakkada, who strive to not just make their foods interesting, obviously. The place is decorated with Palm leaves reminiscent of the front porches of old houses. A treat is spread out here, for those who are breaking the fast, by Aneez Adam and Rameez Ali. There are two stalls here, Rameez Ali's _Pathummas Makkani_ and Aneez Adam's _Adam’s Tea Stall_. Chicken dishes are available in ‘Adam’s Tea Stall’, while other delicacies are stocked up at ‘Pathummas Makkani’. Aneez Adam, an investment banker, kick-started this venture. He loves cooking, and that was reason enough for him to start this. Aneez is passionate not just about cooking, but also about the choice of dishes for his customers. The _Chicken Pottitherichathu_, definitely looks shattered, as the name suggests! It is a burst of flavours too. There is another dish called _Chicken Cheeripanjathu_. It is a delicacy where the meat acquires a slightly green colour since it's cooked with the juice of spinach. Another delicacy is _Chicken Maramchutti Fry_. The term _maramchutti_ translates to running around trees. No, it wasn't named that way because the hen was interrupted while romancing a potential partner! It's named thus since the chicken meat is cooked rolled up on a twig or rod. _Chicken Vattam Karakkiyathu_ (Chicken swirled around) is chicken meat roasted to a circular shape. _Chicken Poothiri Fry, Adichapoli, Undampori, Hungama, Nirthi Porichathu, Adaminte Adbutha Chemmen Fry, Chicken Kettipothinjathu_ are some of the other dishes with amusing names brought to the table by the staff. The chicken delicacies range between Rs 150 and Rs 200 rupees. Rameez Ali of _Pathummas Makkani_, runs a restaurant in Idayangara. _Kallumakkaya Ulvalinjathu_ is another delicacy prepared by Rameez, priced at Rs 20. It is a delicacy where mussels lie wrapped up in rice flour. Another delicacy is _Antham Vitta Appam_, which is fried eggs mixed with legumes and masala. _Nidhi Kakkana Pathiri_ (Pathiri guarding a fortune) resembles a money bag. This dish is a perfect blend of egg, onions and legumes. You'll also find _disco tea_ and _dubai tea_. These are prepared using various spices. _Adaminte Nombuthura_ (Adam's special counter that parcels up Ramadan delicacies) is located at Convent Road near Anglo-Indian Girls High School and is open from 4.30 pm to 10.00 pm everyday until the end of Ramadan month. The counter is maintained exclusively for parcels.