• Brighten your mood with delicious keema matar

    Food takes on special significance during this period with families sheltering together.

    Brighten your mood with delicious keema matar
  • Kalkand barfi

    Kalkand is a sweet recipe made using thickened milk, ghee and sugar.

    Kalkand barfi
  • Almond and rose kheer

    Food is one thing that every household will be devouring, with a special focus on sweet delicacies during Raksha...

    Almond and rose kheer
  • Our top 5 Karkidakam recipes

    During this season, you must choose food items that are easily digestible, and should abstain from heavy intakes.

    Our top 5 Karkidakam recipes
  • Peppermint mocha coldbrew

    Fret not, if you like the refreshing taste of cold brew coffee, here is a recipe of Peppermint mocha coldbrew to try...

    Peppermint mocha coldbrew
  • Smoked almond raita

    Add zing to your Eid spread with this unique raita recipe that goes well with all rice dishes.

    Smoked almond raita
  • Lamb korma with almonds

    Eid celebrations will be incomplete without a classic lamb dish. This korma preparation incorporates the richness of...

    Lamb korma with almonds
  • Almonds and makhana kheer

    Add a nutty sweetness to your Eid celebrations with this rich almond kheer. The roasted makhana (fox seeds) add an...

    Almonds and makhana kheer
  • Iftar special murg angara

    Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi share a chicken recipe for your evening meal after a day of fasting.

    Iftar special murg angara
  • Ramadan Special: Egg rings and yolk balls

    Think Ramadan and the first thing that comes to our mind is the yummy Malabar snacks you get to taste.

    Ramadan Special: Egg rings and yolk balls
  • Apple halwa

    This recipe of the apple halwa requires just a few ingredients that are commonly found in the pantry. It is tasty,...

    Apple halwa