Oats-chicken soup

  • Refreshing raita to aid digestion

    Here is a simple recipe for refreshing raita that can boost the digestive process. You can enjoy this raita with your...

    Refreshing raita to aid digestion
  • Crispy vendakka fry

    Okra or ladyfinger or bhindi fry is incredibly easy to prepare and can be eaten as a side dish with rice or chapathi...

    Crispy vendakka fry
  • North Indian tawa kulcha

    Kulcha is a delicious flat bread that is a regular item in the menus at the Indian restaurants around the globe.

    North Indian tawa kulcha
  • Pinwheel samosas

    Pinwheel samosa is an interesting dish that looks and tastes amazing. Check out the recipe for the pinwheel samosa.

    Pinwheel samosas
  • Cabbage Manchurian

    Cabbage is a very versatile ingredient that can be cooked in many ways. Here is a pretty simple recipe of cabbage...

    Cabbage Manchurian
  • Special karkidaka kozhi

    The karkidaka kozhi or the special chicken preparation enjoyed during the Malayalam month of Karkidakam is loaded...

    Special karkidaka kozhi
  • Cauliflower fried rice

    This cauliflower fried rice is for vegetarians who are looking to trying something new. The crispy cauliflower...

    Cauliflower fried rice
  • Bread omelette pizza in 15 minutes

    It is incredibly easier to make delicious pizza at home even without the pizza dough or oven.

    Bread omelette pizza in 15 minutes
  • Soft wheat idlis

    Try this super soft and delicious wheat idli in case you are bored of the regular rice idlis.

    Soft wheat idlis
  • Plantain leaf halwa

    Here is a unique recipe of plantain leaf halwa that tastes amazing and stands out for its bright green colour.

    Plantain leaf halwa
  • Try this trendy chicken gunda

    This interesting dish that is trending on the social media is pretty easy to cook and is delicious as well.

    Try this trendy chicken gunda
  • Easy egg-less tea cake

    Super soft and delicious tea cake could be easily made at home without an oven. Check out the recipe for this...

    Easy egg-less tea cake
  • Ginger-turmeric tea

    This drink is an excellent immunity booster and can effectively fight seasonal flu, cold, cough, and allergies. Kids...

    Ginger-turmeric tea
  • Classic Spanish omelet

    Spanish omelet is a classic breakfast dish that is loaded with vegetables. You can cut the omelet into small pieces...

    Classic Spanish omelet
  • Homemade yeast with 4 ingredients

    Yeast is a fermenting agent that is used in many Indian dishes. Here is a recipe for homemade yeast that can be...

    Homemade yeast with 4 ingredients
  • Palakkad-style pulikuthi

    Pulikuthi made with raw plantains is a delicious dish that is commonly cooked in Palakkad. Those who have tried this...

    Palakkad-style pulikuthi
  • Chana masala chaat

    Chana masala chaat made with chickpeas, spices, and the special homemade chaat masala is a delicious and healthy...

    Chana masala chaat
  • Oats smoothie for weight loss

    Check out this very simple recipe for delicious apple and oats smoothie that is packed with nutrients and can help...

    Oats smoothie for weight loss
  • Gujarati-style dal curry

    Dal curry, which is extremely delicious and is loaded with essential nutrients, enjoys an undisputed position in the...

    Gujarati-style dal curry
  • Make mango peda in 10 minutes

    This mango season, try this unique mango peda recipe that is incredibly delicious and very easy to make as well.

    Make mango peda in 10 minutes
  • Spicy masala Sundal

    A spicy dish made with chickpeas, Sundal tastes amazing with rice, putty, or with a glass of hot black tea in the...

    Spicy masala Sundal
  • Creamy cauliflower curry

    Creamy cauliflower curry or malai gobi is a delicious North Indian delicacy that tastes amazing with chapathi or...

    Creamy cauliflower curry
  • Easy mango pudding

    This melt-in-mouth pudding is the perfect dessert to enjoy if you are a mango lover. Check out this very simple...

    Easy mango pudding
  • Egg and carrot sandwich

    Kids usually don't enjoy traditional carrot dishes like thoran (stir fry) or spicy curries. Here is a simple recipe...

    Egg and carrot sandwich
  • Chocolate banana mini pancakes

    These mini pancakes prepared using wheat powder is extremely fluffy and super tasty. Check out the recipe of this...

    Chocolate banana mini pancakes
  • Yummy mango ice cream with 3 ingredients

    This refreshing mango ice cream is the perfect dessert to enjoy during this season. Check out the recipe of homemade...

    Yummy mango ice cream with 3 ingredients
  • Masala chai

    The amazing flavour and the therapeutic properties of the spices make it the perfect cup of immunity tea. It could be...

    Masala chai
  • Oatmeal-banana muffins

    Oatmeal and banana muffins are incredibly delicious and can be enjoyed as a nutritious snack. Check out the simple...

    Oatmeal-banana muffins
  • Ripe mango stuffed with kulfi

    This interesting recipe has kulfi stuffed inside ripe mangoes. Here is how you can easily prepare this special...

    Ripe mango stuffed with kulfi
  • Gooey choco lava with Oreo

    Delicious and gooey chocolate lava cake could be made in less than 15 minutes using just three ingredients. Check out...

    Gooey choco lava with Oreo
  • Wheat flour milk bun

    These cute buns made with wheat flour and milk can be enjoyed as a filling snack with tea or coffee. Here is how you...

    Wheat flour milk bun
  • Onion curry

    Slightly sweet and spicy onion curry has always been a cult favourite as the perfect combination for chappathi, rice,...

    Onion curry
  • Restaurant-style vegetable fried rice

    It is pretty easy to prepare restaurant-style vegetable fried rice at home with leftover rice. Check out this recipe.

    Restaurant-style vegetable fried rice
  • Broken wheat upma

    Check out this recipe for perfectly cooked broken wheat upma which is enough for three people.

    Broken wheat upma
  • Easy, no-bake vermicelli pudding

    This tasty vermicelli pudding can be made easily even without an oven. It tastes and looks similar to the Middle...

    Easy, no-bake vermicelli pudding
  • Natholi thoran

    Anchovy thoran (cooked in grated coconut and spices) is a traditional Kerala fish preparation that tastes best with...

    Natholi thoran
  • Tomato-coconut chutney

    The chutney can be prepared pretty easily using simple ingredients that are commonly available in your pantry.

    Tomato-coconut chutney
  • Healthy banana-beetroot smoothie

    Banana and beetroot smoothie is a healthy drink that is delicious and filling as well.

    Healthy banana-beetroot smoothie
  • Bakery-style banana biscuit

    Banana biscuits are delicious and are perfect for those who prefer munching on something sweet with their evening...

    Bakery-style banana biscuit
  • 4-ingredient coffee pudding

    Coffee pudding is a refreshing and delicious dessert that is incredibly easy to prepare. Here is how to prepare the...

    4-ingredient coffee pudding
  • Give a 'malida' makeover to chapathis

    If the family has had its fill of chapathis with quite a few leftover, grab some raisins, almonds, nuts, and sugar....

    Give a 'malida' makeover to chapathis
  • Spicy omelet and cheese sandwich

    Check out this special recipe of omelet and cheese sandwich which is delicious and filling.

    Spicy omelet and cheese sandwich
  • Instant sambar powder

    Sambar can be an ever-ready dish, provided its ready-to-mix powder is at hand in the kitchen. Here's a guide on how...

    Instant sambar powder
  • Tasty banana and egg snack

    Then check out the recipe of this sweet snack that could be easily made using these simple ingredients.

    Tasty banana and egg snack
  • Andhra-style egg curry

    Egg curries are amazing combination with appam, chapathi or roti.

    Andhra-style egg curry
  • Easy homemade rava gulab jamun

    Soft gulab jamuns can be made at home using semolina and milk. Here is a fairly simple recipe for homemade rava gulab...

    Easy homemade rava gulab jamun