One-minute mug cake

  • Easy egg roll

    Chapathi egg roll is a healthy snack that is filling and can be prepared in a jiffy. Here is how to prepare this...

    Easy egg roll
  • Kappayum kakkayirachiyum

    Mussels are a storehouse of calcium and when combined with carbohydrate-rich tapioca, it becomes a wholesome dish....

    Kappayum kakkayirachiyum
  • Coin porotta

    Small porottas or coin porottas have been a trending recipe on social media lately. You, too, can easily make it...

    Coin porotta
  • Crunchy rice murukku

    Tasty and crunchy rice murukku is the perfect snack to enjoy with your evening tea. Check out the recipe.

    Crunchy rice murukku
  • Pappadam thoran

    Pappadam thoran is crunchy, tasty, and is the perfect side dish with rice. Here is how you can easily prepare...

    Pappadam thoran
  • Broken wheat appam

    Super soft and delicious appam made with broken wheat can be paired with regular coconut chutney or non-vegetarian...

    Broken wheat appam
  • Soya chunks dry roast

    Soya chunks are often described as a worthy substitute for meat dishes. They are tasty and nutritious as well. Check...

    Soya chunks dry roast
  • Wheat and dates cake without sugar

    This moist and tasty cake doesn't have all-purpose flour or processed sugar in it. So those who are on a diet, too,...

    Wheat and dates cake without sugar
  • Herbal drink to boost immunity

    It is important to be in your best physical shape to survive these tough times. The pandemic and the rains have after...

    Herbal drink to boost immunity
  • Meen pollichathu

    Any discussion on Kerala cuisine is incomplete without the mention of the meen pollichathu or fish cooked in banana...

    Meen pollichathu
  • Egg manchurian

    This tasty curry with thick gravy is truly a flavour bomb with its perfect balance of salt, sweet, spiciness and...

    Egg manchurian
  • Special chocolate palpayasam

    Chocolate palpayasam is extremely tasty and has the goodness of milk, chocolate and rice as well.

    Special chocolate palpayasam
  • Nutritious pumpkin puttu

    Pumpkin puttu is loaded with nutrients and can be easily prepared without adding water. Check out the very easy...

    Nutritious pumpkin puttu
  • Instant crispy rava dosa

    Instant rava dosa with crispy edges is quite popular on restaurant menus. It is easy to prepare it at home as well....

    Instant crispy rava dosa
  • Pan-fried jam rolls

    Jam rolls are a bakery favourite of many in Kerala. Check out this recipe for pan-fried jam rolls which can be made...

    Pan-fried jam rolls
  • Banana ila ada

    Ila ada is a traditional steamed snack that usually has a sweet jaggery filling. Check out the recipe for banana ila...

    Banana ila ada
  • Motichoor laddu

    Motichoor laddus are extremely sweet and moist and are often exchanged during festivals in India. Here is the recipe.

    Motichoor laddu
  • Omelet curry

    Omelet curry is delicious and tastes best with chapathi, roti, or appam. Check out the recipe for omelet curry.

    Omelet curry
  • Pineapple-vermicelli payasam

    Though the Onam season is over, everyone would enjoy a delicious payasam at any time. Check out this pretty simple...

    Pineapple-vermicelli payasam
  • Mathanga kumbilappam

    Pumpkin kumbilappam could be made using regular ingredients that are commonly available in your pantry. The soft...

    Mathanga kumbilappam
  • Chettinad egg curry

    Rich and flavoursome egg curry is the perfect combination for appam, chapathi or bread. Check out this pretty simple...

    Chettinad egg curry
  • Homemade pineapple cake without oven

    Soft and moist pineapple cake can be easily prepared at home even without an oven. Check out the recipe.

    Homemade pineapple cake without oven
  • Tuna pickle

    Check out the recipe for tasty tuna pickle that can be stored for a long duration if refrigerated properly.

    Tuna pickle
  • Uppu adai and shallots chutney

    Uppu adai is a delicious and healthy dish that can be had as a filling breakfast or an evening snack. It tastes great...

    Uppu adai and shallots chutney
  • Mysore masala dosa

    Mysore masala dosa is known for its crispy edges and delicious filling. Here is how you can make Mysore masala dosa...

    Mysore masala dosa
  • Vanilla ice cream with just 4 ingredients

    Delicious vanilla ice cream can be easily prepared without eggs or ice cream powder. Check out the recipe here.

    Vanilla ice cream with just 4 ingredients
  • Local fish curry

    Fish curry is a staple in Kerala and there are umpteen varieties of it here. Check out this recipe of fish curry that...

    Local fish curry
  • Onam-special avial with a secret ingredient

    The avial that is served for sadya is quite special as it is rich, delicious, and full of nutrients. Here is how you...

    Onam-special avial with a secret ingredient
  • Fragrant mullapoo payasam

    The sweet fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers is the highlight of this amazing dessert that would make your Onam...

    Fragrant mullapoo payasam
  • Perakka payasam

    Food lovers are looking for unique recipes to try out during Onam season. Try this delicious payasam made with fresh...

    Perakka payasam
  • Paneer avial

    Adding a few paneer cubes to the traditional vegetable avial makes it more delicious and protein-rich as well. Check...

    Paneer avial
  • Special paneer payasam

    Make this year's Onasadya extra special with the interesting recipe of paneer payasam.

    Special paneer payasam
  • Palakkad-special rangayyan

    Rangayyan is a tasty dish that is extremely popular in Palakkad. Made with green gram, rangayyan can be had as a side...

    Palakkad-special rangayyan
  • Try this special plum pulissery for Onam

    The elaborate sadya is an unavoidable part of the Onam festivities.

    Try this special plum pulissery for Onam
  • Super-easy broken wheat batter for dosa and idli

    Crispy dosa and super soft idli could be prepared using a special batter made by grinding broken wheat and urad dal.

    Super-easy broken wheat batter for dosa and idli
  • Cherupayar parippu payasam

    Here is the recipe for yellow split dal payasam that can be the star of your Onasadya.

    Cherupayar parippu payasam
  • Kottayam-style beef kuruma

    Rich and creamy beef kuruma tastes amazing with soft palappam, bread or chapathi.

    Kottayam-style beef kuruma
  • Colourful beetroot chammanthi

    Beetroot chutney is colourful, unique and tastes as great as your regular raw mango chutney.

    Colourful beetroot chammanthi
  • Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with tasty modaks

    Modaks are Maharashtrian desserts in floral designs with sweet coconut-jaggery filling.

    Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with tasty modaks
  • Chocolate pastry

    This rich and delicious pastry can be prepared at home without adding any harmful ingredients. Check out the pretty...

    Chocolate pastry
  • Beer-soaked grilled fish

    Grilled fish with a squeeze of lemon is a match made in heaven. The great flavours could be taken up a notch by...

    Beer-soaked grilled fish
  • Jaipur special onion paratha

    This special onion paratha is a traditional dish that perfectly reflects the rich cultural and culinary heritage of...

    Jaipur special onion paratha
  • Crunchy chicken pakoda

    Crunchy chicken pakoda is the perfect snack that goes superbly well with your refreshing evening tea. Here is the...

    Crunchy chicken pakoda
  • How to make super-soft idli

    Here are some tips and tricks that could help you make the softest idlis. You could even store this batter in the...

    How to make super-soft idli
  • Instant mango pickle

    Onam is just a fortnight away and many have begun preparing the special pickles to be served on the plantain leaf for...

    Instant mango pickle
  • Vendakka kichadi

    Ladyfinger or okra kichadi is a tasty dish made with fresh coconut paste, yoghurt, and green chillies. The subtle...

    Vendakka kichadi