Thailand special chicken pad thai

  • Marble pancake

    Pancake is the easiest and tasty breakfast you can ever make.

    Marble pancake
  • Refreshing coco-pineapple juice

    This tasty drink made with pineapple and sweet tender coconut water is extremely refreshing. You could enjoy this...

    Refreshing coco-pineapple juice
  • Dates-lime pickle

    Dates and fried lime pickle has the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salt and spiciness. This pickle tastes amazing...

    Dates-lime pickle
  • Special egg masala

    Egg curry with rice and creamy gravy tastes fabulous with breakfast dishes like appam, puttu, idiyappam and chapathi.

    Special egg masala
  • Jeera rice with rajma masala

    Rajma or red kidney beans masala is a popular North Indian dish that is enjoyed with basmati rice or roti. Check out...

    Jeera rice with rajma masala
  • Kerala style fish perattu

    It is extremely tasty and is easy to prepare as well. Check out the interesting recipe of spicy and delicious fish...

    Kerala style fish perattu
  • Prawns plantain curry

    Prawns and raw plantains cooked in a rich and creamy coconut milk gravy is the perfect accompanying dish with piping...

    Prawns plantain curry
  • Fried lime pickle

    Fried lime pickle is a unique recipe that is extremely delicious.

    Fried lime pickle
  • Soft and fluffy donuts

    Donuts are one of the favourite desserts or snacks in the world. It is easier to make soft and fluffy donuts at home....

    Soft and fluffy donuts
  • Try this healthy oats puttu to reduce body weight

    Oats puttu is a healthy and filling breakfast dish for diabetic patients and those who have cholesterol. You could...

    Try this healthy oats puttu to reduce body weight
  • Crunchy soya chunks fry

    Fried soy chunks are extremely tasty and can be enjoyed as a crunchy snack or a side dish with rice or chapathi. Here...

    Crunchy soya chunks fry
  • Soya keema masala

    Soya keema masala tastes fabulous with chapathi, rice, roti and porotta as well.

    Soya keema masala
  • Kozhikode special erachi choru

    In this recipe, erachi choru is prepared in three steps. The masala mix is prepared first, then the rice followed by...

    Kozhikode special erachi choru
  • Custard apple pudding

    Creamy and rich custard apple pudding is the perfect dessert to serve at your next house party. Here is the recipe.

    Custard apple pudding
  • Unakkalari kootu payasam

    Gooey unakkalari payasam has the goodness of rice bran and jaggery as well. Here is how you could make it at home.

    Unakkalari kootu payasam
  • Easy bread pudding

    Treat your guests to this melt in the mouth bread pudding at your next house party.

    Easy bread pudding
  • Kancheepuram masala dosa

    The classic masala dosa, with its crispy edges and delicious potato-based filling is an all time favourite.

    Kancheepuram masala dosa
  • Easy moru curry

    Try this recipe of moru curry or spiced butter milk which can be prepared in just 5 minutes and tastes fabulous with...

    Easy moru curry
  • Crispy chicken kondattam

    Chicken kondattam is spicy and tastes amazing with rice, chapathi and roti. Check out the pretty simple recipe of...

    Crispy chicken kondattam
  • Unique paniyaram using idli batter

    Try making cute little paniyarams using the same batter in case you are bored of eating the good old idli or dosa.

    Unique paniyaram using idli batter
  • Tasty yam cutlets

    Cutlets have been one of the most popular snacks, enjoyed by people of all ages.

    Tasty yam cutlets
  • Chocolate oats banana pancake

    Check out the recipe of chocolate oats banana pancake.

    Chocolate oats banana pancake
  • Wheat cake in coconut shell

    Check out this very interesting recipe of wheat baked in a coconut shell.

    Wheat cake in coconut shell
  • Try this perfect boondi laddu

    Boondi laddus are extremely tasty and are a favourite during the festive seasons.

    Try this perfect boondi laddu
  • Wheat banana cake

    This super soft and delicious cake is the perfect dessert to enjoy in case you are on a diet.

    Wheat banana cake
  • Raw mango chicken curry

    People would have tried almost all types of curries from traditional chicken curry to mud chicken. But our...

    Raw mango chicken curry
  • Silky soft milk pudding

    Melt-in-the-mouth milk puddings are really delicious.

    Silky soft milk pudding
  • Raw papaya laddo

    Festivals in India aren’t complete without sharing and enjoying traditional sweets and desserts. This Festive season,...

    Raw papaya laddo
  • Try this tasty ola ada

    Ola ada, made in coconut palm leaves packets, is cooked in the steam that comes from water that has been boiled with...

    Try this tasty ola ada
  • Super cool apple mojito

    The cool and refreshing apple mojito is a popular summer drink. It is incredibly easy to prepare this delicious drink...

    Super cool apple mojito
  • Peanut butter cookie in a coffee mug

    Mug cookies are easy to prepare and tastes fabulous as well. Check out the recipe of peanut butter cookie in a coffee...

    Peanut butter cookie in a coffee mug
  • Easy Chinese style pasta

    This dish could be enjoyed as a filling dinner if you are bored of eating your regular chapathi or rice. Here is the...

    Easy Chinese style pasta
  • Kumbalanga thondu thoran

    Ash gourd is a popular vegetable in Kerala which is used in curries and tasty stir-fries. The skin (thondu) of ash...

    Kumbalanga thondu thoran
  • Instant scramberry wine

    It is easy to prepare delicious scramberry wine in just 5 days, that too without adding any yeast. Check out the...

    Instant scramberry wine
  • Egg-beetroot thoran

    Egg-beetroot thoran or stir fry would be a delicious side with rice. It is very easy to make and requires few...

    Egg-beetroot thoran
  • Perfect plum cake with no wine and eggs

    Plum cakes are a must to ring in the Christmas season.

    Perfect plum cake with no wine and eggs
  • Tasty and nutritious wheat neyyappam

    Neyyappam is an iconic tea-time snack that is delicious and filling. Try out this recipe of neyyappam which is made...

    Tasty and nutritious wheat neyyappam
  • Special coconut laddu

    This melt in the mouth coconut laddu is incredibly easy to make. Check out the recipe.

    Special coconut laddu
  • Fragrant ghee rice

    Ghee rice is extremely delicious and fragrant and can be enjoyed with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian side dishes....

    Fragrant ghee rice
  • Restaurant-style mushroom masala

    Restaurant-style mushroom masala tastes fabulous with chapathi, roti, nan and fried rice as well. Check out the...

    Restaurant-style mushroom masala
  • Sprouted fenugreek stir fry

    Fenugreek is known for its incredible nutritional qualities. This sprouted fenugreek stir fry isn’t bitter at all and...

    Sprouted fenugreek stir fry
  • Sweet tender coconut payasam

    The sweet and pulpy tender coconut is extremely delicious and refreshing as well. Tender coconut payasam could be...

    Sweet tender coconut payasam
  • Gooseberry chutney powder

    Chutney is an evergreen combination with classic breakfast dishes like idli and dosa.

    Gooseberry chutney powder
  • Three-ingredient sweet brownie

    This moist and melt in the mouth brownies could be easily made at home using just 3 ingredients.

    Three-ingredient sweet brownie
  • Kappa unniyappam

    Here is the recipe of tapioca unniyappam, a tasty snack that can be enjoyed with your evening tea.

    Kappa unniyappam
  • Broken wheat pilaf

    Pilaf made with broken wheat is a delicious breakfast dish packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. Check out...

    Broken wheat pilaf