Can diabetic patients eat cashews and almonds?

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Diabetes can be controlled to a certain extent by bringing some changes to your daily diet. While following that, you don't have to compromise your family's menu or give up on your favourite food items completely. As long as you consume them in controlled portions and swap the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones.

Can diabetic patients eat nuts?

Cashews, almonds, pistachios and peanuts that contain unsaturated fat is great for diabetic patients. These nuts could be eaten in small amount every day. Peanuts are extremely good for those who suffer from diabetes. However, make sure not to eat peanuts that are fried in oil or sprinkled with salt.

Cashews, almonds, pistachios and peanuts that contain unsaturated fat is great for diabetic patients. Photo: Manorama Archives

Can they use honey/jaggery instead of refined sugar?

The human body do not require refined sugar. So, it could be completely avoided. However, using honey/jaggery instead of sugar is not a good idea. These too could adversely affect the health as much as sugar.

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How much oil can be used in food?

Oil, butter, coconut oil, ghee and red meat that contain unsaturated fat should be avoided. Instead, include fish in the regular diet. Taking fish oil tablets is not going to give the same benefits.

What vegetables should be avoided by diabetes patients?

Veggies can provide the protein that is required for the human body. Including vegetables and pulses in the daily diet is the best way to keep diabetes in control. Diabetic patients can eat any vegetables. Try including cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli in your diet.

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Is it safe to eat vegetables that grow on roots?

Tubers like potatoes, yam, colocasia and sweet potato cannot be considered as vegetables. They contain high amount of carbohydrates just like rice and wheat. So, it is better to consume these in moderation. However, carrots and beetroots that grow on roots could be considered as vegetables.

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Is salt dangerous?

Food items like pickles, papad and dried fish are loaded with sodium. So, try avoiding these. Salt could be added in moderation in the dishes for taste.

Can diabetic patients consume rice?

Rice and wheat could be consumed in moderation. The carbohydrates in these would increase when the bran is removed. Try to eat rice and wheat with bran. Eating rice or food items cooked with rice at all the meals is not good for diabetic patients. A cup of rice for lunch or two appams for breakfast will be sufficient. If you feel your stomach isn’t filled, try to eat vegetables or salads.

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Should diabetes patients say ‘no’ to fruits?

Fruits are unavoidable in a healthy diet. However, diabetic patients shouldn’t eat fruits unless you constantly regulate the blood sugar level. Fruits like mangoes, jackfruit and grapes that could shoot the blood sugar level should be eaten moderately before they ripe.

Stay away from fruits like watermelon and dates. Apples, guava and pears have low amount of sugar. Drinking fruit juices is not a great idea as the fibre in the fruits would be lost. Besides, juices are often loaded with sugar. Carbonated or packaged drinks should be avoided.

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Is it alright to include all purpose flour in menu?

All purpose flour is made by removing the bran from wheat. It has no nutritious quality. All purpose flour should have no place in the kitchen of a diabetic.

Should diabetic patients avoid meat?

Red meat like beef and mutton that contain unsaturated fat should be consumed moderately. Chicken too should be eaten in a limited manner. Make sure to remove the skin before cooking. Meat curries are better than oil fried versions.

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Can diabetic patients eat fish?

Small fish like sardines, mackerel and anchovies are great for health. Fish curries could be included in the diet at least thrice a week. However, try to limit the intake of big ones like seer fish.

What about eggs and milk products?

Egg white could be eaten. However, try to avoid the yolk. Milk and milk products too should be used minimally.

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Which oil is best for diabetic patients?

The best oil for cooking is olive oil. Sunflower and vegetable oils too could be used. However, using too much oil for cooking is not advisable. Snacks like chips and cake are made in oils that are loaded with trans fat which is solidified oil.

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How many meals can a diabetic patient eat in a day?

It is better to eat fresh homecooked food. Instead of three heavy meals, try eating six small meals. This is a solution for sudden dropping of glucose levels due to usage of medicines. Lemonade, buttermilk and tea could be consumed without adding salt or sugar. Try eating food at the right intervals. Over eating and avoiding food are equally dangerous for the diabetic patients.  

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