How to make Onasadya in two hours


Onasadya – the elaborate Onam feast – typically has 24 to 28 vegetarian dishes served in a single course! It is a culinary celebration that brings families together as they prepare numerous traditional curries and desserts.

Our busy lifestyles and the nuclear family set up, however, do not let us have the luxury of spending such long hours in the kitchen preparing such an elaborate meal. Restaurants and hotels have cashed in on our limitations and offer us sadya all through Onam days, strengthening the inertia to stay away from the mammoth cooking process.

But Sadya-making is not as intimidating a task as it sounds, vows celebrity chef Suresh Pillai and his wife Remya. Here are some tips from them to make a Sadya in just two hours!

The duo takes us through the preparations making it look like a cakewalk. Watch the video and you will be inspired to make Sadya at home this Onam.