Jupiter transit and predicted changes on your zodiac signs

Jupiter transit and predicted changes on your zodiac signs
The transition starts at 6.30 pm on Thursday.

Come October 11 and Jupiter will enter the Scorpio zodiac. Jupiter's entry into Mars's sphere is expected to be benevolent because the planets are considered compatible. The transition starts at 6.30 pm on Thursday.

Jupiter will move to Sagittarius between March 29 and April 23 before turning back to Scorpio. It will enter Sagittarius on November 5.

Let us see how these changes will affect different zodiac signs.


Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika 1/4)

The realignments of Jupiter do not augur well for people who count Aries as their zodiac sign. The bad effects are particularly visible on the financial front. Beware of debt traps. Take care of your health. Forgotten diseases may reemerge. Do not jump into conclusions and land in trouble. The higher you are the greater the fall is going to be. Try to avoid untimely travels, hasty drives and untimely house visits. You may be insulted publicly. If you plan to participate in competitive exams this year, be vigilant. It is not advisable to perform auspicious rituals between March and May of 2019. If such ceremonies are unavoidable, do them after performing suitable remedies. However, some people could expect a windfall. Chit funds or lotteries could surprise you. Legal hurdles, hospital stays and defamation cannot be ruled out. Include lentils in your diet and worship Vishnu and his avatars. It is advisable to worship Dakshinamoorthi in the Tiruchendur temple in Tamil Nadu.


Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makeeriyam 1/2)

The period of Jupiter's transitions is a good time to conduct marriages. You could expect to pass exams in flying colours or build a house. A visit from the storks may be on the cards. The planetary realignments could also lead to unexpected monetary rewards, overseas travel, promotions at workplace or favourable transfers. Overall this is a favourable period. If you have been wanting to consummate your marriage, you could step up your efforts by offering worships and pujas. You can expect favourable verdicts in disputes related to the sharing of ancestral properties and other litigation. Medical treatment may have the desired results. Your love affairs could bloom into marriage as obstacles are cleared. It is a good idea to recite Bhagavatham and offer palpayasam to Sre Krishna.


Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makeeriyam 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4)

Time to be cautious if Gemini is your zodiac sign. Diseases, hospital stays, legal troubles, police interaction, defamation and involvement with undesirable matters may be on the cards. Stay away from unnecessary adventures because you are inclined to meet with accidents. You may be at the receiving end of the ire of your elders and teachers. You may be the target of political vendetta. You may lose litigation. Be prepared for a fall from grace. You can even expect attacks by venomous creatures. You may be required to spend a lot of money on your children's medical treatment. Medical treatment could go awry. You may be saddened by the departure of your parents and teachers. Greed could land you in further trouble. Worship Vishnu and his avatars. Dhanwanthari puja could keep your spirits up. Eat more carrots and chickpeas and wear yellow dress.


Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam)

You have a good time ahead. You are closer to marrying your sweetheart. The coming months are most suited for organising marriages. You could explore new avenues of earnings. You could embark on new academic pursuits. Competitive exams may be a cakewalk. Expect to be rewarded with lotteries or chit funds. Court cases may be judged in your favour. Your standard of life is expected to go up. Social recognition and even rewards are on the cards. This is a time when your efforts are going to pay. You can boost your chances by making offerings to Lord Vishnu and stepping up charity.


Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4)

The changes planetary positions present a mixed bag for Leos. You may be expected to start house construction or at least set in motion the process. You may be dragged into disputes between your relatives. Even legal ones. You may be required to act as a mediator in disputes related to financial affairs which are likely to be a thorn in the flesh. If you had acted as a guarantor for loans, you may be in trouble. You may find yourself in soup because of your previous associations in life. You will yearn to go on a pilgrimage. You may find yourself in an embarrassing situations related to your mother's family. You may exchange your vehicle for a new one. The auto enthusiast in you may become restless. Worship Narasimhamoorthi or Varahamoorthi. Visit Vishnu temples on Thursdays.


Kanni kooru (Stars: Utharam 3/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2)

Be careful with your words and deeds. Broken promises may lead to personal problems. You may be taken ill with diseases related to your neck, including tonsillitis or thyroid problem. You may have reasons to bicker with your friends and family members. Jupiter's change of positions does not augur well for your siblings. You may find yourself unnecessarily competitive. You may be perceived as a public enemy. You may put yourself in an unenviable position by offering to act as a mediator in disputes. You may be the target of various allegations and counter allegations. You may be saddened by the departure of your elders or teachers. You may break up with friends due to your uncompromising stands. Keep your expenses tightly under control. Worship Sri Ram or Parasuram.


Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira 1/2, Choythi and Visakam 3/4)

The movement in the skies means a time of financial prosperity. You can count on chit funds and lotteries to fatten your purse. You can also expect to lay claim on ancestral properties. You might even come victorious in court litigation. A promotion at your workplace or a change of job may be on the cards. You can also expect to win over your love interest or marry your sweetheart. A visit from the storks may be likely. Friends may call on you. Your works may be recognised by the government and the civil society. You could buy a property or a house or a new vehicle. You can avail of a bank loan. You may be able to close previous loans. But do not let your success get into your head. That will lead to your downfall. Overconfidence and overeating may prove detrimental to you. This is a favourable time for you. You may be able to finish works that had been pending for a long time. Recite from Narayaneeyam, Jnanappana and Vishnusahasranamam and worship Lord Krishna.


Virchika kooru (Stars: Visakam1/4, Anizham and Thriketta)

You have a few headwinds. You may be left worried over some affairs. You may not be in great terms with your folks. Your colleagues may distrust and even detest you. Prepare for some backlashes at the workplace. Your superiors may not be all ears for you anymore. You are likely to bicker with women. Legal troubles, financial setbacks and thefts may bog you down. Your uncompromising attitude may lead you to trouble. You may land yourself in trouble by challenging the mighty. Stress and forgetfulness may disturb you. As a remedy, worship Hanuman every Thursday. Offer Sahasranamarchana and palpayasam naivedyam to Lord Krishna. Be on alert at least until November 5, 2019.


Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthiradam 1/4)

You may put your money on undesirable affairs. You may have to abandon your post and move to safer havens. Foreign travels may bump into troubles. Legal proceedings may be a cause of heartburn. The debts incurred by your ancestors may bog you down. Be prepared for a revenue recovery in the worst case. You can expect to stay in and out of hospitals either as a patient or a bystander. You may be worried by the illnesses of your relatives. You may be required to go on useless travels and your time is accident-prone. You may end up losing money, gold, silk or other valuables. You may land yourself in trouble when you go to testify in a court of law. You have to get involved with the police as a guarantor for an accused. Your marriage seems to be on the rocks. You may have to scrap contracts. However, if your jatakam has a favourable Jupiter, you may be immune to many of these maladies. Make offerings to Narasimha. Pray to Lord Krishna.


Makara kooru (Stars: Uthiradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2)

Rejoice for happy days are here to stay. You can expect to achieve something you have been planning for a long time. You can expect a favourable ruling from the authorities. Your family may finally approve of your proposal. You could expect to win over your love interest. Marriage seems to be on the cards. You can also expect to build a house or sell property. You may buy a new vehicle. You could win in competitive exams. You can expect a promotion at workplace. If you had been estranged with your partner, a patch-up is on the anvil. You could expect courts to rule in your favour. Political affairs may be good for you. Power is up for grabs. Your success is dependent on your hard work. Worship Lord Vishnu to boost your chances. Visit legendary Vaishnava temples and offer puja.


Kumba kooru (Stars: Avittam 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruttathi 3/4)

Aquarians are likely to change jobs. You may get your share of the ancestral property and move out. You may even wind up a partnership in a firm. You may be resign from your official position. Foreign travel is on the cards. You may be required to shift your residence for some purpose, including the education of your children. You may have to fly abroad to make some inquiries regarding your relatives. You may have shoulder the expenses of a funeral of a relative. Hospital expenses can also come up. You may encounter tax-related issues. This is a time to be extra careful about your work. Pray to Lord Krishna to keep you safe. Make offerings to Narasimha. Recite Vishnu prayers on Thursdays. Wear yellow dresses.


Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruttathi 1/4, Uthiruttathi and Revathi)

If Pisces is your zodiac sign, the planetary movements augur you well. Your hardships will be compensated in this phase. You can look forward to a festive time in your house. Your health is on the mend. You are likely to construct a house or buy a new vehicle. Be prepared for a visit from the storks. Your work will pay back richly. You may go on a picnic or attend a party. You are likely to make it big in the stock market, chit funds or lottery. Yet the Kandakasani may eclipse your good run. As a remedy, make offerings to Sastha. Worship Mahavishnu, Sree Krishna, Varaha Moorthy and Narasimha Moorthy. Wear yellow and put on golden topaz stones. Non-Hindus can explore their own belief systems to seek divine protection.

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