Zodiac prediction for the month of January

When is a good time to seek your goals? Is it time to lie low? Here’s your zodiac prediction for the first month of the New Year.


Meda kooru (Stars: Aswathi, Bharani and Karthika 1/4)

New Year dawns on a happy note for you. You can expect fame and fortune from multiple avenues. You could step up your efforts to land a government job. Self-employed professionals have a particularly good time. You are likely to work hard this month and you are expected to strike gold, especially if you are working as a contractor. You may find an opportunity to learn arts. Poets and story writers can expect awards. You can count on your friends to help you in your hour of need. Students will pass out with flying colours. Traders can expect their work to pay back rich. They could expect surprise dividends. If you had been applied for a bank loan, it may be on your way. You will be known for your free thinking. You may be required to stay away from house but you are on an earnings spree. You have a lot of work to do. However, you are unlikely to heed your relatives' suggestions. You might bump into expenses related to your sons. It is a good time to visit temples and go on pilgrimages. You will take good care of your mother. You will have an opportunity to take part in a happy ceremony in the family. You are likely to disagree with your wife on several counts. Your children may find suitable partners this month. Take extra caution not to quarrel with your neighbours.


Edava kooru (Stars: Karthika 3/4, Rohini and Makeeriyam 1/2)

You couldn't ask for more. Your family is entering a phase of prosperity. Your wife and children have a good time ahead. It is a particularly good time for your wife and mother. You will respect your father and other elders. You may be closer to buying a house. You may exchange your old vehicle for a new one. You can expect a fortune from construction or manufacturing. Cinema or theatre personalities can expect awards. Bankers and chit fund managers can expect to reclaim dues. If You could expect great improvements in your education or employment. You can count on your friends. You are about to be loved as a do-gooder. You may get a chance to share happy moments with your relatives. You will respect your father and other elders. You could expect good news from abroad. If you are into business or commerce, you could make a killer profit. It is a good time to seek out a marriage proposal. A good time for re-marriage. You may be distracted by women. Blood-related discomforts may bog you down.


Midhuna kooru (Stars: Makeeriyam 1/2, Thiruvathira and Punartham 3/4)

Your life is entering a phase of prosperity and peace of mind. If you have been looking to join the police or the army, you can expect encouraging news this month. You are expected finish all your tasks energetically. Showbiz professionals also have it good. You may make a name for yourself as a do-gooder, often drawing comparisons with your father. You may nurse a grudge against women. You may be required to be a bit more cautious especially if you are a student. if you are working with work shops and furnaces, your incomes may go up. It is a particularly good time for those who work in the public sector. You could expect ample support from loyal subordinates. Your wife may find a suitable job. Your relatives will be all praise for you. Comedians can expect their popularity to soar. You are entering a phase of financial prosperity and happiness. You may be worried for your parents. You are likely to act in accordance with your wife’s wishes. Your relations with your siblings are looking up. You can also expect a visit from the storks. If you are someone who just finished your studies, you may have a brilliant start to your career this month. The month seems to be particularly good for commerce. Trade is expected to pick up. Beware of indigestion and related diseases.


Karkidaka kooru (Stars: Punartham 1/4, Pooyam and Ayiliyam)

Your family is proceeding to a prosperous period. Artists and performers can expect to get a boost to their fame and fortunes. Chefs and other professionals in the gastronomic business have a particularly good time ahead. Owners of textile shops and building contractors can expect good news in the near future. Your business will benefit from your expertise. You have a prosperous period ahead of you. If your work involves metals such as silver, you have all the more reasons to be happy. Jewellers can also expect brisk business. You will talk your way ahead. You will also be considerate to others and even make a few concessions. Your sons may have to face a few headwinds. You can expect a visit from the storks. Your friends may bring good tidings for you. You are likely to get ample support from your subordinates. You are growing strong even physically. You can expect honest counsel. Your progress may be so spectacular that you may be the subject of envy. You can expect earnings from multiple sources. A particularly good time for trade and commerce. You may be stressed out though. Your expenses may go up a bit. Wedding bells may be ringing for you. Your honesty will pay your back richly. Students can expect to pass exams with flying colours. You may encounter some blues too.


Chinga kooru (Stars: Makam, Pooram and Uthram 1/4)

You are on a roll. Government officers can expect top postings. Ministers can expect to boost their popularity. They might even get better portfolios. A particularly favourable month for academics too. Comedians can also expect to get more stages to perform. Students can expect to pass with flying colours. MBA or similar professional course students can expect to do well in campus recruitment. You are likely to earn from real estate and other businesses such as automobiles. It is a good time to invest in property and houses. People who work in the art, music and dance fields have a particularly good time ahead. Those who have dance or music contests coming up can expect to fare well in those events. You may have to steel your will to tide over difficulties. Your women friends may be of particular help this month. Your children will make you proud. Merchants and traders can expect additional profits. If your trade has something to do with iron or fire, expect brisk business. You may be disturbed by the schemes of your opponents. Couples are advised to be careful with their relations for they are likely to fall into bitter arguments. You are likely to disagree with your father. Do not lose your temper and talk offensively. Beware of diseases of heart and stomach.


Kanni kooru (Stars: Utharam 3/4, Atham and Chithira 1/2)

Your dream run continues this month. If you are a clerk or an accountant, your earnings will increase. It is a particularly good time for poets too. People who work in the showbiz, especially cinema and drama, can expect to gain fame and fortune. Yet you may have a hard time finding suitable workers for your enterprise. Students can expect to perform brilliantly. A visit from the storks may be on the cards. You are likely to take up massive projects and complete them too. You seem to be on the way to a pilgrimage or a temple visit. You may buy vehicles and properties. You are expected to mediate in disputes. You are likely to build a house. You may be expected to stay away from your house. Overall the month promises to be a happy time for you. You will excel in whatever work you do. If you are into agriculture, your rewards may not be that great this month. Your public work is about to be rewarded. Your wife and children may be cause of happiness. You can expect a bundle of joy. Keep your blood pressure under control. You may be expected to do charity work.


Thula kooru (Stars: Chithira 1/2, Choythi and Visakam 3/4)

Hardly anything to complain this month. You may even be rewarded by the government or the civil society for your works. Your health is on the mend. Your finances will get a boost and you will endear yourself with your good acts. You can count on loyal workers to carry your day but do not expect support from your family. Riches are on your way and your progress may be the cause of envy. You can expect peace of mind that lets you have a good night's sleep. If you are a student you can expect to pass exams in flying colours. You are likely to make a profit out of dealings in vehicles. People who work fire or metals have a particularly good time this month. You may buy a set of home appliances. You will endear yourself to other people with your honesty. Your hard work will pay well. You will find your hard work paying off. Your father may be ill. If your job has any international connection, you are in good hands. The stars are particularly benign on commerce this month. Industrial and agricultural sectors are set to improve. You may face some anxious moments because of a delay in diagnosis. Stay away from tempting extramarital affairs. You can expect a visit from the storks. You can expect good news from abroad.


Virchika kooru (Stars: Visakam1/4, Anizham and Thriketta)

Success awaits in multiple fields this month. You are expected to buttress your financial situation. You may have many guests to cater to. You may find yourself indulging in luxuries. Political leaders of the ruling party can hope to boost their popular support. This is a particularly good month for those who work in the public sector. You may do good deeds this month. You can even expect your marriage to consummate but be prepared for a little squabble with your partner. Do not count on support from your father or brothers. Yet you could expect to go on a holiday. You are likely to be respected and your coffers may be fattened. If you are self-employed, you can expect a breakthrough this month. You can expect guests. You may be pleasantly surprised by good news from abroad. Exporters, importers and offshore workers can expect good news. If you had been looking for a life partner for your children, you may not be disappointed. You are inclined to be lazy this month. Your health is on the mend. Education is also expected to get a boost.


Dhanu kooru (Stars: Moolam, Pooradam and Uthiradam 1/4)

A time for prosperity. If you have been looking for a job as a nurse abroad, this month is likely to expedite your career. Students are expected to pass exams with good marks. Men will have a tough time fighting carnal temptations. Rice and other food grain merchants have a good time. Opposition party leaders are expected to get a boost to their career. You may indulge in charity and go temple hopping. You can expect a spike in expenses. Your friends may cause you lose money and your brothers may bicker with you. You are unlikely to pay heed to the words of your relatives. You may be in for a bit of worry. This is a good time for lovers. You are likely to buy gold this month. Be wary of diabetes. The disease is likely to aggravate. If you have been seeking an alliance, wedding bells are ringing. However, you don’t have an easy time with your relatives. You may choose to sell off your ancestral property. You may get a chance to appreciate arts and literature. You may find yourself climbing up the ladders at your workplace. You would get a chance to appreciate your parents.


Makara kooru (Stars: Uthiradam 3/4, Thiruvonam and Avittam 1/2)

A particularly good time for people who expect to land a job with the central government. If you are into automotive, machine trade or commerce, you can expect the wind in your sails. As a politician, you have a good time ahead. Ministers have a fine period ahead. You may be required to act as a mediator in disputes. You are likely to appreciate your parents but take extra care not to rub your father the wrong way. You are likely to complete all your work with commendable cleverness. You are likely to pay attention to your studies. You could try to build your own house now. Your family has a festive time. Take care so that children do not hurt themselves. You may be inclined to join an opposition political party. You may feel like taking it easy sometimes but your work will not suffer because you are ensured of loyal subordinates. As a builder you are expected to strike gold. Your studies are doing good. But be wary of a loss of face. If you are looking for a pension or other benefits from the government, you may not be disappointed. You may find suitable alliances for your children. Be wary of a little physical discomfort. Take care of your health. Hypertension may be a threat.


Kumba kooru (Stars: Avittam 1/2, Chathayam and Pooruttathi 3/4)

You are about to get a lift to your career. You may shore up your finance by being thrifty. If you are into construction or similar contract-based works, you can expect a boost to your finances. You will do many virtuous acts but you will make yourself a name with your thrift. You may have to stay away from home. If you are a student, count on this month to mark your academic milestone. Students of MBA and other professional course can expect to perform at campus selection. You are in good terms with your mother but you have reasons to worry for your uncles. Be ready for pilgrimages and temple visits. You maybe disturbed by wounds. A particularly good time for entrepreneurs. You are likely to set up your own enterprises away from your present base. Your wife could bring good tidings to you. You may act in tandem with your wife’s wishes. You are likely to be more respectful and even submissive to women. You can expect fame and riches coming your way. You may have to work hard even though you are in a mood to take it easy. You may have to stay away from your family. Women may expect gastric troubles.


Meena kooru (Stars: Pooruttathi 1/4, Uthiruttathi and Revathi)

Fame and fortune await you. You can expect success in your pursuit for a better job. Ministers can expect a lift to their career. If you are a student, you can expect to pass tests in flying colours. Scientists have a good time too. Men should focus on their work and resist the temptations of a wayward affair. You may be chosen to lead a community or religious organisation. You can expect good returns from your investments in banks and chit funds. Keep your temper under control You have a particularly good time if your job has something to do with fire or metals. You would be swift to finish your works though you would find little support from your family. You may even drift apart from your family. You are likely to spend a lot for your friends this month. If you are a writer of stories or poems, you can be assured of success. Fame and fortune are your way. Let the entrepreneur in you find his mojo. You can even expect a visit from the storks. Be wary of kidney-related diseases.

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