A scintillating house in Mahe with full of surprises inside

The box type elevation, designed in the contemporary style, is simple yet elegant.

This unbelievably beautiful house in Mahe instantly draws everyone's attention for its eye-catching box-shaped elevation. The tall coconut palms that surround the house add the perfect dramatic element to the otherwise simple exteriors. The family wanted their brand new house to look different and special from the rest of the houses in the locality. It was easier for architect Robin to conceptualize and execute the unique and chic designs, as the owner’s daughter Asa Anwar is a designer herself.

The box type elevation, designed in the contemporary style, is simple yet elegant. Tiles, with wooden texture and finish, form a frame like structure that adds the perfect contrast here. The balcony between these box structures is installed with a pergola made of GI pipes. The elevation and the stylish features on it have been designed in perfect sync with the structure of the plot.


The entrance door opens to a beautiful foyer space which dons the stunning shade of teal. This colour palette is continued in the adjacent formal living space as well. A wall in the living area is highlighted using texture paint. This adds a burst of colour which makes this space look incredibly charming.

The unbelievable colour sense of the family members is quite evident from the distribution of the perfect shades of hues throughout the house. The furnishings and other decor are custom made to suit the general theme of the house. The most amazing feature of the interiors is its scintillating design features done without installing a false ceiling.


The dining area is designed in double height that makes this space look vaster. It is easy to catch a view of the dining area from the upper living area and the library space as well. The dining area shines in the regal charm of the emerald green colour. A wall is highlighted using texture paint here as well.


It is from the dining area that the stairway begins. The interior spaces are arranged in a way which allows excellent supply of natural light and air and enough privacy too. The classic combination of wood and steel can be seen on handrails of the stairway. A neatly arranged library space and a living area complete the upper storey. The library and reading space is right above the foyer.


There are five bedrooms in the house that are designed following the theme of minimalism. It is the brilliant use of colours that make the spaces such a treat for the eyes. The beautiful shades on the furniture, decor and the walls are so amazing and soothing as well. The majestic bedroom in the upper storey, with the four poster bed and the splendid shades of red, looks nothing short of a royal bridal chamber.


Besides the main kitchen, there is a working kitchen too. The partition that separates the two kitchens actually makes these spaces interconnected. There is a pantry space in the main kitchen. Granite is paved on the counter top. Meanwhile, laminates are used on the shutters of the cabinets here. The hanging light that decorates the pantry space adds a special mood to the entire area.


The construction of the house was pretty fast paced as there is a designer in the family itself. The pleasant and cosy interiors, with splashes of soothing colours, wow the guests as well, who are completely enchanted by this spectacular abode.


Project Facts

Location – Mahe

Area – 3680 SFT

Plot – 16.8 cents

Owner – Muhammed Anwar Arackal

Year of completion – 2018

Designer – Robin, Time Interiors and Architects, Kadavantra

Phone – 8086 722912