Beat the blues with blue tea

Blue butterfly pea flower tea

Teas work like magic. A cup of perfectly steeped tea would help you lift your mood instantly when you are feeling down. Next time you are having the blues, go for this blue tea that work like a nootropic.

We have seen black tea, green tea and even the saffron tea. But what on earth is a blue tea? Blue teas are steeped with dried butterfly pea flowers or Shangupushpam (Clitoria ternatea), giving it a kerosene-like colour.

These antioxidant rich beverage works as a great detox for your body. They help to fight free radicals which are toxic and cause premature ageing. They also has many vitamins and minerals which keeps your skin and hair looking great as it keeps them from ageing prematurely. Antioxidants are known to minimize the profound damage to cells of the body. The lesser the damage to cells, the lesser the risk of all types of cancer.

Butterfly pea tea

Blue pea is proven to be nootropic. That means it refreshes the brain and boosts it activity and function. This will keep you energised and feeling great. Some studies show that blue tea can relieve stress and lower the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Blue pea flower has anti-glycation properties which is excellent for skin preventing skin aging. Furthermore, blue tea has some flavonoids which increases collagen origination, accelerating skin elasticity. It is also good for you hair as it holds anthocyanin, which increases blood flow in a scalp, favouring and strengthening hair follicles.

Blue iced tea

Anti-diabetic properties

A cup of blue butterfly tea taken in between meals will inhibit the intake of glucose from the diet and lower blood sugar. Antioxidants in the tea also help the body lower risk of infections, which diabetics are prone to. It is also great for your heart health.

According to some studies, clitoria ternatea leaf is found to lower diabetes in rats. It basically obstructs glucose intake from food. It is very beneficial for curing type II diabetes.

Blue and purple iced teas

(With inputs from Kausshal Dugarr, Founder and CEO of, Tea Expert Rishav Kanoi, Founder of The Tea Trove/IANS)