Buying furniture is always tricky, keep these key points in mind

There are quite a few factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing the furniture.

Furniture undoubtedly plays a vital role in elevating the overall look of the house. No matter how luxurious the house is, its soul would be lost if the furniture doesn’t suit its unique theme. There are quite a few factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing the furniture. Looks, compatibility, sturdiness and budget are to be considered while choosing the perfect pieces of furniture for the interiors. Today, different types of furniture, made in a variety of materials like timber, cane, veneer and multi wood are readily available in the market. Usually, the 10% of the total budget is reserved for purchasing furniture like couches, dining table, cots and chairs.

Furniture is not something that should be purchased with laxity or carelessness. Factors like the budget and material or whether it should be customized to suit the colour or theme of the house should be considered before buying them. In the market, couch sets that cost from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000 are available. It is the owner who decides which set suits his budget and other requirements. Many furniture shops and showrooms provide EMI schemes for the customers. However, the customers have to decide whether they should avail this facility.

Most people give prime importance to the looks or designs of the furniture rather than its utility. This may often lead to complaints in the future. You should check whether the furniture is sturdy enough. The furniture and other décor reflect the personality and life style of the family. So, the family members should take a collective decision about the various factors while buying furniture.

More than the looks


Furniture that doesn’t suit the theme or structure of the house may look odd. Each pieces of furniture should complement the spaces, making it space efficient and look amazing as well. However, such furniture may not be available readymade in the shops. In such cases, using custom made furniture would be practical and economical. Most shops send their staff to your houses to take the measurements of the spaces. You could even choose the shape, size, colour and material of the furniture. Furniture, if placed in the right spot, would definitely enhance the beauty of the interiors.

While purchasing furniture for personal use, the needs and wishes of the person should be considered. Furniture that is proportionate to the size of the room and the height of the ceiling should be purchased. Furniture and décor are usually bought as long term investments. So, there is no point in diligently following the trends.

Online purchase


Gone are the days when the entire family went to the furniture stores and spent hours to buy the furniture. Now, they would visit the stores to get an idea about the trends, latest stocks and prices. They would then compare the prices of similar pieces on online applications or websites. The customers are more open to shop furniture online. Furniture like cots, wardrobes and cabinets are usually custom made to suit the requirements. People even redesign their older pieces of furniture to suit the modern times. Some even buy suitable pieces from shops that sell reused furniture. However, customizing furniture is more profitable considering the long term use of it.

No to timber


There was a time when elegant furniture meant the ones made in teak or eetti wood. The furniture made using such timber is sturdy and durable. However, non natural woods like MDF and plywood and laminated ply, marine ply and veneer are widely used to make wardrobes, chairs, tables, cabinets, wall paneling, shelf and common furniture. If maintained well, furniture made using such materials would last longer. Soft wood, hard wood, decorative wood, tropical and marine are the five types of plywood that are used to make furniture. Sturdiness, durability and price should be considered before choosing the type of plywood for your furniture.

Mighty plywood

Earlier, plywood furniture wasn’t as popular as it is now. However, now it has gained popularity for its perfect look and durability too. The soft plywood is made from the pine and the fir trees. Meanwhile, the decorative ply is made from the teak, rose wood, oak, mahogany and the maple trees. These could be used in kitchens and bathrooms as they resist moisture. Though plywood, which is made from wood pulp, is not as strong or sturdy as the real wood, they are durable and easy to handle.

Things to remember while purchasing online


You have to be really careful while ordering furniture online. Before shopping couch or cots online, you should have a clear idea about the spots where you plan to keep them. Besides, make sure that the furniture that you ordered is the right size and shape that fits the spaces. You should also consider the delivery charges to decide whether it is profitable to order online or directly purchase form the showrooms. One should study well about the online retailing before ordering furniture. Strictly read through the clauses and conditions to know whether the item is returnable.