Did you know, tender coconut water can help clear urinary tract blocks

It is high time that we replace aerated and artificially sweetened drinks with homemade fresh juices, squashes or the refreshing tender coconut water. Besides satiating the thirst, tender coconut water is loaded with nutrients and minerals that replenish our body. It cools and refreshes the body, while the nutrients in tender coconut help counteract fatigue. Drinking tender coconut water helps prevent any blockage in the urinary tract. The high glucose in it energizes the body and rejuvenates the muscles as well.

As tender coconut water contains sodium and potassium, it could be consumed to avoid dehydration due to diarrhea. Medical experts call tender coconut water one of the most trusted drinks as it is natural and unadulterated. This drink, which is anti bacterial in nature, could be enjoyed by all even if you are diagnosed with any medical conditions. However, tender coconut water should be avoided if you are a kidney or a diabetic patient.

The tender pulp inside the shell is packed with protein and other nutrients which cools the body and clears the urinary tract. The tender coconut water is sweet, light and has a smooth texture. It relaxes the pitta and the vaatha doshas (life forces). It cleanses the urinary bladder. The water in the tender coconut produced during the rainy season is more nutritious than that produced during the summer. Tender coconut water is a main ingredient in the ilaneer kuzhambu (ayurvedic eye care formula) which is lined in the eyes to cure infections.

Nutritional value

The following vitamins, minerals and sugars are contained in 100 milliliters of tender coconut water:

Potassium – 294 ml

Chloride – 118 ml

Magnesium – 16 ml

Sugars – 5 ml

Sodium – 25 ml