Parvathy apologizes and corrects herself for using the term 'bipolar behaviour'


Parvathy has been in news since quite a few days. Calling out Arjun Reddy before Vijay Deverakonda in a discussion, Parvathy opened up her views on the extreme misogyny used in the movie. And now, she is winning the Internet for yet another reason.

Recently, when a netizen criticised her for using the term 'bipolar behaviour' in the same discussion, she responded and corrected herself.

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"Okay ya'all, Parvathy is definitely rocking it here but did she just say 'that's a bipolar behaviour?' Sorry, I couldn't continue watching it post that." Parvathy, responded, saying she stood corrected and that she had been 'trying to unlearn usages that allow using grave mental disabilities as a mere 'adjective' to explain a situation.'

Read her tweets here:

At the discussion, Parvathy spoke at length about why Arjun Reddy and its Hindi remake Kabir Singh made her uncomfortable. She compared Arjun Reddy with the recently released Joker and stated how she felt the first film glorified violence and the second did not. Parvathy explained how the comments she read online appeared to indicate that Arjun Reddy 'incited violence,' describing it as 'a murky space' and 'bipolar behaviour.'