SFI leader Nasim grabbed me, Sivaranjith stabbed: University College student Akhil

SFI leader Nasim grabbed me, Shivaranjith stabbed: University College student Akhil
Akhil at the hospital.

Thiruvananthapuram: In a crucial statement to the doctor about the violent incidents at the University College in Kerala capital, a student, who was stabbed on the campus on Friday, nailed the SFI unit president on Saturday. Akhil, who suffered injuries in the attack, told the doctor that SFI college unit chief Sivaranjith had stabbed him.

Akhil also said that SFI leader Nasim grabbed and held him firmly while he was attacked. According to Akhil, there were over 20 SFI activists in the gang that unleashed the violence.

The doctor who recorded the statement has handed over a report in this regard to the police. Meanwhile, the police have sought permission from the doctors to record Akhil's statement.

At the same time, the police said that the authorities at University College had failed to inform them about the tension on the campus promptly. According to officers, they were not told about the stabbing incident. Akhil was shifted to the hospital only after the police arrived. Moreover, instructions to constitute an anti-ragging squad at the college were not implemented. The police have submitted a report to the University Grants Commission (UGC) over this matter.

Torture room

Meanwhile, the police carried out an elaborate inspection of the college premises. Among the spots checked was the union office; commonly termed ‘torture room’, and other areas. There were witnesses who accompanied the police in the task.

The houses of the suspects and certain places were also visited by the police but nothing turned up. The police believe that those involved in the incident might have left the district.

The University College Principal has blamed SFI activists for the mess. He said that the activists had told the authorities that all the issues were already settled. The students who were suspended from SFI over the incident would be expelled from the college if they are charged with the crime, the Principal added.

College United

A minor altercation among students over singing of songs in the college canteen flared up into a full blown campus fight on Friday leading to the stabbing of a third-year politics student Akhil.

Akhil, who was stabbed below his chest, was rushed to the General Hospital.

Soon after the incident, the national president of SFI V P Sanu announced the dismissal of the SFI unit in the University College campus after students cutting across party lines staged a protest in front of the College and then marched towards the Secretariat demanding that the unit be disbanded. The district committee also suspended Nasim, Shivarenjith, Ibrahim, Adwaith and Aromal.

On Friday, irrespective of their political allegiances, the entire college rose up as one against the SFI. Many students who took part in the Secretariat march said they too were SFI members. “We too are part of the SFI but those who have won the College elections in the name of SFI are trying to stifle democracy in the College,” one of the students said. The injured Akhil, who ironically is also a known SFI member, had reportedly had a fall out with the SFI leaders in the College even earlier. Akhil's father had reportedly complained to the SFI unit leaders about the threat Akhil had faced from some SFI members, and he was even assured that Akhil would be safe.