Here is why you're asked to remove shirt in some temples


According to ancient Indian tradition, the mind as well as body should be pure and simple while visiting a place of worship. In fact, a temple is not a spot where one can show off wealth or attire. Everybody needs to realize that we are nobody before God.

While visiting a shrine, devotees ideally should wear the simplest dress in the most proper manner. It is based on this concept that certain temples prohibit devotees wearing trousers from entering the inner precincts. The devotees are required to be clothed in ‘mundus’ here.

In olden days, wearing a shirt was considered ostentatious. This belief led to the ban on shirt, a symbol of wealth, inside temples. Some shrines still stick to this tradition, which has to be followed by devotees.

It is always better to lead a life of simplicity and humbleness, keeping away pretentious show offs and arrogance. Indian philosophy has always laid stress on simple living and high thinking.