Here are some easy tips for weight-gain

Intake of calorie-rich food is good for adding weight.

It is very common to see people engaged in strenuous regimes to shed their weight. But there are also people who desperately try to add to their weight. The food items and diets enabling weight-loss are familiar to most people. However, the means to put on weight are not so widely discussed. Here are some tips in this regard.


There is an adage that you should love protein if you want to gain weight. Unless protein intake increases, you can never put on weight. Protein-rich food is most essential to build muscles too. However, take care to avoid artificial proteins which enable quick weight gain. Instead, have food which is nutritious.

Energy-dense food

Having food that is high on energy density would certainly help boost weight. But you may have to change the items often to avoid monotony. Examples of energy-dense food are nuts, fatty oils and dry fruits.

Carbohydrate, fat

Carbohydrate and fat are avoided by people who seek to reduce weight. Naturally, these two nutrients are most essential to make you stout. Foods rich in carbohydrate have to be included in the meals along with high-fat eatables.


Weightlifting helps build muscles as well as increase body weight. However, you need to utilize the services of a professional fitness expert while engaging in this task.

Weight-gain shakes

Shakes that enable a person to put on weight are now available in the market. By regularly taking these drinks, you can increase kilos.

More calories

If you have more food, the number of calories would also go up. To add weight to your body, consume calorie-rich food.