Upscale your skills for a career in the automobile sector


Students, who aspire to take up automobile engineering, are having second thoughts about the course as the sector is reeling under crisis.

The automobile sector was pushed into further crisis after the COVID-19 pandemic affected every industry in the country. However, the vehicle sales of last month hint that there was still hope for the beleaguered automobile sector.

Experts point out that the sector will overcome the crisis and forge ahead. However, certain changes are imperative in all aspects of the sector from technology to sales.


The automobile was the core sector of those in the mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering branches. But software engineers too will soon find several opportunities in this sector with the advent of the electric, connected, and autonomous cars.

There would be more job opportunities for those engineers who have mastered the technical knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality. Therefore, focus on improving these skills. Those youngsters seeking jobs in the automobile sector would need to upscale their skills.


The main challenge of the vehicle manufacturers and dealers would be to ensure a customer base in the post-COVID-19 market.

Digital marketing based on data and virtual stores would be the norm in the future. Even now, efforts have been started for this.

Experts from the non-technical fields such as analysts, and marketing managers, would also acquire more importance. Data science will also have an important role to play.

“Vehicles are being controlled by microprocessors and chips. Expertise would be needed in the latest software and digital technical knowledge. Students should gain this through online courses," S Narayanan, chief of the QuEST Global in Thiruvananthapuram.

Job security

Students, who foray into the automobile industry, would be in a more secure position when the job sector is revamped post COVID-19. This is because the young generation would be able to easily adapt to the changes in the new era. Even if the company cuts down on its workforce, there would be opportunities for freshers and interns. Therefore, whichever course you opt for, be sure to take up elective subjects and online courses suitable for its future prospects.