Can you believe? This is Amrita Prakash who starred in 'Manjupoloru Penkutty'!

Amrita Prakash

Actress Amrita Prakash has been working in Hindi and southern cinema since the age of four. And with just a movie, she has etched a place for herself in Mollywood too.

Back in 2004, when Kamal directed 'Manjupoloru Penkutty', Amrita played the lead role.

Her performance as teenage girl Kani was widely appreciated by critics. Even though the movie did not charm the box office, this one role still makes Amrita a familiar face in Mollywood.

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What's doing its round in social media now is Amrita's latest photos. The Mumbai based lass is seen dashing in many avatars and effortlessly carries modern and ethnic attires.

Amrita who quit mainstream movies tried her luck with miniscreen for a while. She has to her credit almost 30 serials and around 6 films. Presently, she is engaged with her modelling career and works based out of Mumbai.