We are still friends: Shrikumar Menon on Manju Warrier


Malayalam director Shrikumar Menon was seen laughing his heart out after he finished 4-hours of questioning session with police at Thrissur on Thursday. When asked if issues with Manju Warrier be settled, Shrikumar claimed that there was no big issues and it was a case of misinterpretation.

“We are still friends,” Shrikumar Menon told Manorama News.

Further, he said, “What all I was asked by the police, I have told them things of my knowledge. My job, right now is to cooperate with the investigation team.”

On asking why the arrest was made, the director said, “I don't think that's right to say. Regarding the arrest, you should ask the police.”

He further added, “When we do something for others with good intention, we are blamed for barging into other's freedom. I used to think this was present generation's attitude but I fear even old generation have the same mentality.”

Police began questioning Shrikumar Menon at 4pm on Thursday. He was later freed on bail by police after questioning in the complaint against him filed by actress Manju Warrier.

Manju Warrier had alleged the director had threatened her and some of her close friends and tried to defame her by orchestrating a hate campaign against her on the social media.