I don't say 'No' to food: Vinay Forrt

Now don't let that title fool you; Vinay Forrt also works out regularly! In an interesting chat, the actor tells _Onmanorama_ how a good workout routine helps him treat his food well. **So, what comprises his daily diet?** To this, he confesses that he doesn't keep away from food, but makes it a point to eat in smaller portions, especially those that are fried, sugary, and high in calories. "I have been working out for the last sixteen years or so, and as such, I don't have any particular daily diet designed for me." "If I feel like having _pazhampori_ (banana fry), or a fish fry one day, I'd go for one. Just that I wouldn't extend it to five. Likewise, if I'm offered a laddu, some days I'd take only half the laddu, but never will I say no, because food is something that gives us immense happiness", says the actor who hails from scenic Fort Kochi, famous for its variety of seafood specialties. "I try to avoid late night binging to a large extent, and ensure that my food intake is timely", he says, choosing to term his dietary regime as more composed and balanced than arbitrary. "Say, if I have Biryani today, I'll make sure I don't have it the next day as well. I try to make it as spread out as possible", implying that he tries not to repeat food. If you thought that he went haywire at least once in a while, he blocks the notion by admitting that he 'neither smokes, nor drinks'. "And depending on the character you're playing, you might need to regulate your diet a little. Like for the character I play in the film _Godse_, I shifted to a rice-based diet, increased my sugar intake and even ate a lot of plum cake around Christmas time. Plum cake happens to be something I relish as well", he says. "My motto is not to say 'No' to food", the actor smiles, adding that "if you follow a sturdy workout pattern, you'll feel good about eating pretty much anything". Well said, that! **So what about his favourite dish, something that he relishes to the core?** For this, he didn't have to think much. "On 'Randam Onam' (the second day of Onam), we include non-vegetarian food in the feast (as is common among some communities in the northern parts of Kerala), and so, there will be fish and meat. Amma prepares a dish with mutton that day, and it's prepared with coconut and other spices in an earthern pot, as is customary. But it's not on that day that it tastes its best, but the next day! My favourate food is the breakfast after the second day of Onam—this mutton dish with puttu (steamed rice cake), with a pappadom as bonus." Ah, descriptive, isn't it? Maybe this is why some say that your childhood memories are scattered with the foods you love!