Pazham nirachathu


Bananas enjoy a special position in the Malayali kitchens. From delicious curries made with raw plantains to the crispy chips, and sweet payasam (dessert), bananas are undoubtedly one of our most favorite ingredients. Pazham nirachathu is a healthy evening snack made with not-too-ripe bananas.

This sweet snack is known by different names in various places across the state. However, those who have tasted it once will not forget the taste of it forever. It is incredibly easy to cook this dish using only a few ingredients.


3 big bananas
Grated coconut as required
1 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp sugar
10 gm raisins
3 cardamom pods


The bananas shouldn't be too ripe for this dish
Heat ghee in a pan
Add the grated coconut and stir well
When the coconut begins to get heated up add the sugar
Immediately add the raisins and cardamom pods
Mix well and take it off the heat before the coconut begins to change color
Split the bananas in two
Fill the bananas with the coconut filling
Seal the split edges using rice flour mixed with water
Roast the stuffed bananas with a little bit of ghee
The bananas could be taken off the heat when its outsides are roasted and the rice flour is cooked 
Sprinkle the leftover coconut filing over the dish and serve hot.