Two teens drown before classmates

Two teens drown before classmates

Palakkad: Two 15-year-old boys, classmates at the Chandranagar Bharata Mata High School, drowned in a pond near the Government Polytechnic at Kodumbu. The police identified them as Sreehari and Jamshith, both class 9 students. The tragedy occurred at 10.30 am on Saturday in front of their classmates. The Fire and Rescue Force arrived and fished out the bodies.

Sreehari is the son of Puthenveettil Mohandas of Chunkamandam, Mathur, while Jamshith is the son of Junaid of Archana Colony, Ambalakkad, Kallepully.

The teens had been to Kodumbu to visit a friend, Nivin, who was down with fever. Two other classmates also had joined them later. The four of them stayed away from classes as it had got too late.

They had a round of football at a nearby ground and then Sreehari and Jamshith jumped into the pond for a bath. Jamshith, who had no training in swimming, started to sink and Sreehari rushed to save him, but both drowned. The other two friends called out for help, but local people who rushed in could not save the boys.

The 12-feet pond is filled with silt. Another student had drowned in the same pond in October last year.

Sreehari is survived by his father Mohandas, mother Sumathi and brother Sreeram. Jamshith also leaves behind his mother Sharmila and only sister Shahana.