This magnificent ‘green’ abode runs entirely on solar power

green abode
The landscaping done tastefully is one of the major features, which makes this house beautiful.

With an elaborate coastline, Kerala has a tropical climate which makes it warm throughout the year. So, while designing a house in Kerala, it is very important that enough features, which keep the interiors cool even during the blazing summer, are added. Bipin George’s ‘Lovedale’, a charming home at Kakkanad in Ernakulam, is the perfect example of a wisely designed dwelling which suits the weather of the place.

The idea of grid

When architect Anup George (Space and Perception, Bengaluru, Kochi) perceived this house for his brother, he had considered factors like climate of the place, efficient utilization of spaces and the lifestyles and interests of family members. ‘Lovedale’ is designed by dividing the plan into three grids. Even while considering the climate and preserving the environment, Anup wanted this house to project elegance and aesthetics as well.


The huge louver windows which push out warm air, the indoor swimming pool adjacent to the living area which cools the atmosphere inside, the high ceilings and the vast corridors which ensure excellent ventilation, the extensive verandah which block the sun rays from entering the interiors and the front courtyard with lush green meadows are some of the unique features which make this house stand out.


Elegance manifested

The tastefully done landscaping is another feature which makes this beautiful house shine. The rustic charm of hard stones contrasts amazingly with the alternate layers of lush green grass. The green courtyards not only act as a decorative feature but also play a significant role in maintaining the temperature inside the house.


Adjacent to the car porch, there are wide verandahs on the three sides of the house. The majestic pillars that stand tall on these verandahs render a regal charm to the entire edifice. This feature was added considering the blazing summer and extreme monsoons in Kerala.

Huge windows, designed in the same height of the house, allow lots of sunshine inside. Louvers, on both sides of these windows, push out warm air and help maintain a cool atmosphere inside the house. These windows with louvers look stunning while viewed from the outside, thus acting as a designer element as well.


The living and the dining areas are designed in double height. This area has a height of 37.7 feet which is way higher than the standard measurement of 31.2 feet. The high ceiling and the huge widows, which line the walls, make the living and the dining areas look incredibly vast and spacious.

The indoor swimming pool, adjacent to the living space, helps maintain the temperature and cools down the atmosphere. Besides the living and dining areas, there are four bedrooms, prayer room, and home theater, bar area, kitchen and utility space in this 5550 sq ft house. The interiors are designed to suit the interests and preferences of the family members. The utility area, washing space and the study area for the kids are specially designed as per their interests. So, there wasn’t any scope for complaints after family started living in this beautiful house.


The kitchen is designed in ‘A’ shape, with all the modern facilities of a working kitchen. An entire wall has been allotted for the storage facilities by meticulously utilizing the spaces. This arrangement provides easy and efficient movements for those who are cooking in this kitchen.


False ceiling and concealed lighting make interiors look pleasant and welcoming. Glass is paved in pergola cutting, on the ceiling, at many places to ensure abundant supply of natural light inside the house. It is unique features like these which make ‘Lovedale’ a design marvel.


Floating stairway and walkway

The floating stairway and the elongated walkway bridge surely are the eye-catching features of the interiors. The stairway which begins from the floor, on the lower storey, extends to the landing on the walkway bridge above without any structural support. This unique design of the stairway often excites the curiosity of the visitors who get hooked to its elegant look. The hand rails on both sides of the walkway bridge are made with glass panels within thick wooden frames. This makes communicating from this area easier to the dining and living spaces. The exclusive painting that adorns the wall beside the walkway bridge is specially done by a talented artist and this elevates the charm of the interiors, adding a pop of color as well.

Vastu rules


Anoop George had perceived the unique features that are commonly seen in the traditional houses in Kerala which has an influence of the classic colonial architectural style. The louvered windows, the pergola ventilation with glass paneling and the elaborate verandah around the house are some of those features he adopted for this house.


Nature-friendly design

All the electronic appliances and equipment here run on solar power. The vast spaces which ensure amazing ventilation fill the interiors with positive energy. The pergola-style glass ventilation illuminates the entire house with amazing sunshine. ‘Lovedale’ definitely is a charming ‘green’ home where the modern techniques wisely collaborate with the classical architectural style.


Project facts

Location – Athani, Kakkanad

Owner – Bipin George

Plot – 28 cents

Area – 5550 SFT

Principal Architect – Anup George

Phone – 9900013580

Architects and Interiors – Space Perception, Bengaluru

Email –