Horoscope 2019: What your zodiac signs predict for New Year

Horoscope 2019: What your zodiac signs predict for this year
Horoscope 2019

Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

The planet Saturn rules over your zodiac sign. You are known for honesty and fame awaits you this year. You may be broad-minded but suspicious of others at times. You will always search for truth. However, you may suffer some setbacks. Everybody will like your speech laced with humour and recognize the good heartedness that you reflect. Always willing to help others, you will earn a large number of friends. You are artistically inclined and will guide others. Your ideas will enrich the world.

This year will be good for you. While income may increase, responsibilities will also become heavy. New ventures are likely to be launched. Exams will be cleared with top honours. Couples having no children can expect good news in this regard. If you are searching for a job a posting awaits you at the native place. Good health and cordial family life can also be expected. All ventures taken up will be successful. However, a lot of travelling may have to be carried out.

Pieces (February 19 – March 20)

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, you are a poet, dreamer or a person who knows a secret tactic. Your heart melts for others and so you will be a good doctor. As a person who does not hesitate to donate one’s money, you may wish others to do the same. However, take care not to become a slave to some addiction. While engaging in a task, there may be a tendency to think about the reverse situation. Thankfully, one bad habit that you will never have is laziness.

A better year lies ahead and some gains may be obtained, thanks mainly to luck. Tasks sincerely taken up will be successful. If involved in legal issues, the court is likely to rule in your favour. While government officials can expect a transfer to a distant place, job seekers are likely to get a posting. In case you are planning to go abroad, the trip will take place this year. Some care has to be given to health as the work load will increase towards the end of the year. Some unexpected good news also awaits you.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

The planet Mars, the God of war, lords over this zodiac sign. So you will be eager to meet any challenge head-on. Fresh ideas will crop up in your mind. As a brave person, you may have a sort of superiority complex. An honest person, others will trust you. Having an open mind, top positions in society can be expected. You are a self-made person.

The coming year offers a mixed fortune to you. Property deals can be completed. If you are unmarried, wedding bells will be ringing. However, during the initial part of the year, strenuous efforts may be needed to complete tasks. More care has to be given for financial matters. By the end of the year, good times can be expected. Childless couples can expect a new arrival in their family. Employment abroad is likely to materialize.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Venus, the Goddess of beauty, rules over this zodiac sign. You are more likely to be an artist as well as a foodie. You may prefer to work at places where money and people are abundant. You will not be short tempered. But when angry, you may find it hard to control the emotion. Keeping the house in an attractive way is one of your good aspects. You are a hard working person and a practical thinker. Though you may take some time to arrive at a decision, you will stick to it.

The coming year is expected to bring happy news. Some matters which were pending for a long time will become a reality. In case you are single, wedding bells will ring soon. Minor ailments may trouble often. Financial situation will improve. There is nothing to worry as divine blessings will be strong. However, bad luck can bring some small set-backs. A difficult period awaits you at the end of the year. Students will perform well in exams. New love affairs may develop. Property is likely to be acquired. Job seekers will earn a posting.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Mercury, the messenger of God, is the ruler of this star sign. This makes you a cheerful person having an ability to make others happy too. Full of energy, you may excel in creative pursuits. As Mercury is the planet influencing intelligence, you will be strong in this regard too. Another unique character you display is two-way thinking. You may be sometimes late in arriving at decisions, but rarely go wrong. You love the company of people and may be spendthrifts.

2019 is not likely to be as favourable a year for you like last year. Money may be in short supply. However, opportunities for a foreign trip are there. Students will join institutions away from the home town. You may have to move to a new house. If you are a government employee, a transfer can be expected. Single persons can look forward to a wedding and estranged couples will be reunited. Partnership business will be profitable. Friends will be helpful.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Moon, the queen among the planets, reigns over this star sign. You love your family but could be prone to sudden emotional outbursts. You have a knack for achieving impossible goals and get rich. But you may be haunted by a fear of losing your money. You are very clear about your likes and dislikes. Always interested in making money and enjoying sumptuous food, you have a special ability to understand situations beforehand.

A new job can be expected during the New Year. Relatives will support you. More sources of income will be available and new positions earned. Prosperity will prevail in the family. Wishes will come true. Your children will excel in studies. However, take care of your health and be alert over interference by enemies. You are likely to purchase a new vehicle. Issueless couples can expect good news. Generally, divine blessings will be present. Business will be expanded and earnings from investments improve.

Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Sun, the king of the zodiac, lords over this sign. You have a special ability to forgive people who have erred. You will achieve great heights in life and display leadership qualities. Taking up responsibilities, you will carry out tasks on your own. Dealing cautiously with others, faithfulness is your major character. Love and honesty are your strong traits. You will have an interest in arts and sports. However, you may exhibit a superior attitude.

Prosperity will prevail in family during the New Year, which will be better than last year in all respects. A new house will come to your possession. If an employee, you can expect a promotion. In case of a job seeker, good news awaits you. Exchange of old vehicle with a new one is likely. Chances of a pleasure trip are seen. Jewellery may be purchased. Praise of superiors will be earned. Students will secure high marks in exams. But take care of enemies. Minor ailments are also likely to bother you. However, with divine blessings, everything will be smooth.

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Mercury is the ruler of this star sign. Leading a disciplined and systematic life, you plan everything in advance and complete your tasks accordingly. You have a critical mind and may hurt others at times. A very intelligent person, you are a good speaker too. Working sincerely, you will be able to guide others.

During the New Year, a shift to a new house is on the cards. Unexpected gains await you. But take care to avoid accidents during journeys. Special care has to be given to the health of your mother. By the end of the year, better gains can be expected. Financial situation will improve and a job abroad awaits you. Small investments will lead to big returns. You will enjoy good health and a happy family life.

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

With planet Venus ruling over this zodiac sign, you have an artistic bend of mind. You will also excel as a mediator. As the balance is the symbol of Libra, you take care not to show favours to any particular person. Diplomatic behaviour is a major trait of yours, but no hesitation will be shown to move away from anyone. Hard work is not one of your virtues.

A good year on the financial front, promotions in job can also be expected. Students will clear exams with flying colours and media personnel will be in the limelight. However, colleagues may make things difficult. A dispute may arise with a close relative. If searching for a job, your plans will be realized. The last phase of the year may not be smooth. However, unmarried persons can expect a new life with a partner. Purchase of a new vehicle is likely.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

The planet Mars rules over this zodiac sign. A born leader, you are also spiritually inclined. You will be faithful to your friends. You have a special ability to foresee future events. However, some of your own actions may later harm you. Don’t expect help from others. You may have a number of enemies but they won’t cause any trouble. Their presence may only lead to anxiety. If you are in the medical field, you will shine.

The New Year is beneficial to you. If unmarried, wedding bells will ring. Expenses can be brought under control. Gold ornaments are likely to be purchased. There are chances for buying a new vehicle also. But students may show a lackadaisical attitude towards academics. Job seekers will get a posting. A problem that was bothering you for long is likely to be solved. Ancestral property will come to your possession. The financial situation will be much better towards the end of the year. You will maintain a good health throughout the year.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Jupiter is the lord of this star sign, which is also known to favour judges and philosophers. A person set to achieve great heights in life, you will never sit idle. You are also a nature and animal lover. A straightforward person, you are also known for your honesty. You value friendship much. A lover of freedom, your interaction with others will be friendly as well as joyful.

A mixed fortune awaits you this year. Expenses will mount. You may go on a pilgrimage and modify your house. But lethargy will be felt for many tasks. Special care has to be given to health. Students should give more attention to academics. A happy event is likely to take place in the family. Things will be much better by year end. Birth of a child is likely. People in love will get married with the support of relatives. Generally, family life will be happy.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Saturn rules over this zodiac sign. You are not known to be a very ambitious person and will always act cautiously. But you will work hard and earn a lot of money. Still you may not interact much with others. Due to the influence of Saturn, many of your activities will be slowed down. As a result, the benefits of your actions may be delayed. Most of the time, you will maintain a sad countenance.

This is the period when many long-felt needs will be realized. Honours and benefits which were delayed will finally reach you. Income will increase and promotions expected. Jewellery is likely to be purchased. A property that you had considered lost would come to your possession. There are chances for a foreign trip. By the end of the year, expenses will increase. A good period for spiritual activities, you will undertake pilgrimages. But take care of your health.

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