Round and round, on a coracle

Round and round, on a coracle

For someone who is working six days a week, work-life balance is often an elusive ideal. So, when it comes to planning a vacation, the best bet would be a one-day getaway. Although it may seem less exciting than a week-long trip at first, these mini-vacations are often much less stressful and more fun. 

Round and round, on a coracle

Adavi in Pathanamthitta is a perfect one-day trip from anywhere in Kerala. Located around seven kilometers from Konni, which is famous for its elephant training center, the route to Adavi cuts through forests and hilly roads. The wildlife on the move, especially monkeys and birds, will keep you engaged throughout the twists and turns of the journey. 

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The major attraction of Adavi eco-tourism center is the coracle rafting aka bowl-boat riding on Kallar river. Coracles or ‘Kotta Vanchis’ are round, light-weight boats made of bamboo and hide. Although these boats were originally designed for general transport, its design makes it an unstable craft. As it sits ‘on’ water rather than ‘in’ it, the boat can be easily carried by currents and wind. 

Round and round, on a coracle

Tickets for the ‘Kotta Vanchi’ ride can be bought from the center at Rs 400 per vanchi. One boat will carry a maximum of five people, which include four guests and one staff member to make sure that the boat goes in the right direction. 

The captain of the ship would be an Adavi-know-it-all, who can make the ride a bit more adventurous and fun-filled with some wobbly movements and spins, provided you are nice to him.

After the ride, don’t just walk away. Instead, walk along the river and try your hand at stone skipping. If you succeed, set new stone skipping records with the maximum number of bounces in a single shot. 

Before leaving the eco-tourism center, visit the Kerala canteen here and eat your fill. The kappa and fish curry combo here is absolutely delectable. 

Round and round, on a coracle

A little further ahead from the eco-tourism center is Mannira waterfalls, a cascade-like fall, which is safe for kids to play around. Yes, time to jump in and feel the magic of the natural shower. Don’t worry if you haven’t packed towels and spare clothes, a small shop near the waterfall has everything at affordable prices. 

If you are the adventurous type, there’s more in store for you. Climb up half a kilometer through the path of the falls and voila, more water than you saw at Mannira and it is deep enough to take a dip. But be cautious, as the rocks on the way up are slippery and if you break your bones midway, getting back down would be difficult. So, this one, definitely, is not for kids.