Madhavan gets wedding proposal from 18-year-old, actor responds smartly


Fans are always mad for Maddy! Actor R. Madhavan who is lovingly called as Maddy by fans recently had a strange moment with a fan. Madhavan got a marriage proposal from an 18-year-old fan, which the married star naturally declined.

It all started when the actor posted a selfie on Instagram after an exhausting day.

"Editing is so much fun and exhausting: Enjoying and fearing it. End of long travel day. Definitely getting older," he posted along with the selfie flaunting his salt and pepper look.

"Is it wrong that I am 18 and want to get married to you?" commented a user.

Madhavan took notice of the comment and responded: "Ha ha ha. God bless you. You will find someone way more worthier."

Madhavan married Sarita Birjee in 1999. Maddy, met wife at a communication and public speaking workshop in Maharashtra in 1991. Sarita Birje was an air hostess and used to attend his classes.

At the moment, the actor is busy with "Rocketry: The Nambi Effect", which is based on the life of scientist and aerospace engineer S. Nambi Narayanan. The marks the directorial debut of Madhavan, who also essays the role of the protagonist.

The film is slated for release later this year.