Here's why you should include pumpkin in your diet

Here's why you should include pumpkin in your diet

One of the widely grown vegetables, pumpkin is a storehouse of healthy fibre, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals. It contains significantly low calories and thus is an excellent food for the fitness enthusiasts to stay in shape. The vitamin A in it helps to make the skin soft and supple. Studies have revealed that including generous amount of natural food containing lots of vitamin A fight mouth and lung cancers.

The pumpkin seeds, rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids, are excellent to maintain the health of the heart. It contains zeaxanthin which protects your retina from the ultra violet radiations. Cataract and other eye diseases too can be prevented by eating lots of pumpkin.

Pumpkins, which are grown on vines, usually weigh between 3-8 kilograms. However, there are even some giant pumpkins which may weigh up to tones and have a circumference of around 6 -7 feet.

Delicious thoran (stir fry) can be made with the pumpkin flower and the vine leaves. It is an excellent remedy for acidity and eases digestion as well. Pumpkin has lots of water content in it, besides protein, carbohydrates, carotene and vitamins A, B and C.

There are many pumpkin dishes in the traditional cuisine of Kerala, like the rich pumpkin erissery (pumpkin cooked in grated coconut gravy) and halwa (sweet dish). Mathavaratty, made by softening pumpkin pieces in water mixed with lime and then roasting it in melted jaggery, is a speciality at many places.

Here is a simple recipe of tasty mathayila upperi or pumpkin leaves stir fry which is packed with nutrients. Read the recipe