Hard time chewing mutton? Know how to tenderise it


Hoping to whip out a yummy mutton stew to go with the steaming appams for the weekend? Read this before you pull out the pan. These easy hacks could help you out while cooking mutton.

- A piece of cleaned coconut shell added to mutton on the boil will help make the meat tender. Don’t forget to take off the piece of shell when the mutton is done.

- To get softer mutton either stir it well and fry it fast or cook over a low flame for a long time.

- Never overcook liver, lest it should turn hard and tough.

- Keep mutton liver soaked in milk before cooking it. Pour out the milk and wipe the liver clean to get a tender texture.

- Add a bit of butter to tender mutton to make it a crispy fry.

- Mutton has to be sliced thin to get it fried well and fast.