Take lemon diet to get a flat tummy in a week

Take lemon diet to get a flat tummy in a week
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Obesity and potbelly attract comments that make many people cringe. Excessive weight is a common problem faced by people who love good food, but keeping the belly in shape is a big challenge for them. Resorting to diets may offer a solution but there is a tendency to leave such efforts midway.

Here is a simple lemon diet that will help bring the belly in shape within a week. Lemon is an item that is healthy as well as has cosmetic value. It aids a person to shed weight also. A lemon diet can remove the toxins in our body. The fat that gets deposited in the lower abdominal area can be removed and digestion facilitated by making lemon an integral part of the food.

The aim of lemon diet is intake of the maximum amount of lemon juice by the body. The ingredients of a lemon diet are eight cups of water, juice of six lemons, half a cup of honey, a few ice cubes and leaves of sweet-smelling basil (karpoora thulasi). All this have to mixed together to make a drink.

Here's how to prepare

Take some water in a vessel and cool it. Add all the ingredients and mix; then heat for two minutes. Afterwards keep in a refrigerator to cool. Take out and drink a little after the mixture has achieved room temperature. This potion has to be consumed three times daily. Before drinking, add an ice cube.

While following the lemon diet, breakfast should comprise only fruits. For lunch, take boiled eggs and salad. Supper can be snacks or almonds. Drink the lemon potion three times a day. Results will be evident after the fifth day.