Less than a week after shooting rampage, another gunman spreads fear in Bangkok

Less than a week after shooting rampage, another gunman sows fear in Bangkok
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Bangkok: Less than a week after a shooting rampage by a soldier killed 29 people, another gunman appeared in the capital and shot multiple times into the air, police said on Friday.

No one has been reported hurt, according to the the city's Erawan Medical Center, which coordinates emergency response services.

The man suspected of firing some 20-40 shots was refusing to surrender more than six hours later.

Police have cleared the area around the building where the man is, and Thai TV Channel 3 said a family member was brought in to try to convince him to surrender.

The shooting was reported to have started at about 4 am Friday in a residential neighbourhood with small shops, many selling sporting goods, next to Chulalongkorn University.

The incident comes less than a week after Thai security forces shot and killed a rogue soldier who went on a rampage in a shopping mall in the northeastern part of the city after a 17-hour ordeal.

Thailand has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, and several shootings at courthouses last year renewed concern about gun violence.

Major shootings were, until now, rare in the Southeast Asian country other than in the far south, where a decades-old insurgency persists.

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