What to do on a plane during an emergency?

What to do on a plane during an emergency?
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Recently 41 people were killed after an Aeroflot flight crash-landed at Moscow Airport. What made the sight more painful was the act of some passengers - they were busy taking their bags and some filmed the incident as the aircraft was going up in a ball of flames.

Similar situation has occurred in 2016 when an Emirates flight crash landed at Dubai airport. Instead of saving their lives most passengers wasted time grabbing their bags. The aircraft caught fire soon after everyone was evacuated.

These incidents highlight the need to be aware of how passengers should behave during emergency landings.

Here is a list of few things that you should take note while you are encountering with an emergency landing.

Pay attention to safety instructions

Even if you think that you know the instructions and have heard them many times make sure to listen to them by paying attention. The layout of the plane, location of exits, the passengers on the plane everything will be different. Make sure that you read the picture card in your seat pocket. It will provide you with more information about the plane. Also for that matter pay attention to your flight attendants whenever they provide you with some instructions.

Remain Seated. Wear your seat belts

Make sure that you listen to your flight attendants and remain seated. Fasten your seat belts. Don't create confusion and mess up the situation. Ensure that there are no obstacles during the process of evacuation.

Get into position

Passengers are asked to place their heads on their laps during emergency situations, so get into position when you are asked to. It would help you to support yourselves when the plane is coming down on impact.

What to do on a plane during an emergency?

Remove all the unnecessary stuff from your body

You must remove your high heels, bulky accessories and excess clothing that could make your evacuation difficult. It would create difficulties for others too.

Reach for the oxygen mask when it deploys

The oxygen masks are programmed to be deployed only when it reaches 10,000 ft altitude. So reach for the oxygen mask only when it deploys. Also be sure that you know how your oxygen mask works and wear it in a proper manner in case of emergency situations.

Be cooperative and be calm

In case of an emergency try to console other passengers who are panicky and do not ask repeated questions to the crew. Be calm. Listen the crew attentively and follow their instructions.

Take the exit row responsibilities with utmost sincerity

If you are sitting on an exit row be careful and pay attention on how to operate the door. Remember that your life and the life of other passengers depend on you. So make sure that you do it properly or else move away from the seat.

What to do on a plane during an emergency?

Leave your bag and save your life

While in emergency situations please don't go running behind your bag. Don't risk your life going behind the bags. Also taking the bags can make the evacuation difficult which may lead to delay in rescue. It can put other peoples life in danger.

Take your own life vest

Your life vest lies under your seat and once you find it, place it over your head and tighten your straps. But wait for the instructions.

Don't be in a hurry. Wait to evacuate

Unlike any other flight landings, wait for your time for evacuation. Don't rush and create a scene which can in turn make your rescue difficult. So wait until the flight attendant says get up.

Have a safe journey.