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Last Updated Thursday November 26 2020 12:15 AM IST

Can diamonds resolve conflicts in married life?

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Engagement ring

Diamonds usher in prosperity because it represents Venus. Wearing a diamond helps you to alleviate the harmful effects of the planet and strengthen its positive energy. If Venus has a weak position according to your horoscope, you can try wearing diamonds.

Venus is the benefactor of lovers. If Venus is prominent in your horoscope, you can be assured of prosperity and a happy married life. If Venus is not in a favourable position, you can expect cracks in your married life.

If married people wear diamonds, their relations would be cordial. Even unmarried people can benefit by wearing a diamond because it would expedite their marriage.

The best diamonds come in pure white. Do not wear pearl, ruby and yellow sapphire with diamonds. Diamond is the toughest and brightest of all precious stones. The diamond can channel the bliss of Venus to its wearer and provide him financial prosperity and comforts. Diamonds are also good to improve bone health.

Gem stones show instant benefits. Diamond may not be effective for people in some stages of a zodiac. If your zodiac sign is Chingam (Leo), Vrishchikam (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Meenam (Pisces), Medam (Aries) or Karkkidakam (Cancer), do not wear a diamond without consulting your astrologer.

Always make sure that you are wearing an authentic diamond. It could even add to your beauty.

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