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Last Updated Friday July 03 2020 08:15 PM IST

Datsun celebrates 5th anniversary with #MorePower2You | Video

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Datsun, as part of its 5th anniversary celebrations in India, launched the #MorePower2You campaign. The campaign hinges on inspiring real-life stories of Datsun redi-GO owners. The brand aims to recognize and celebrate the bold choices Datsun redi-GO owners have made to realize their dreams across different walks of life.

Mr. Jerome Saigot, managing director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Bold and fearless, passionate and self-driven is what defines Datsun and its owners. #MorePower2You is a celebration of bold expressions, passion and the unconventional paths Datsun redi-GO owners have embarked upon to realize their dreams and achieve success in life. We are extremely proud to have such passionate owners as part of our Datsun family and salute their spirit!”

A proud Datsun redi-Go owner is Harisankar Babu. The merchant navy officer says the sea and its perpetual mysteries have changed him. But going back to his pillar of support - his family - has never changed. And, what better way to get home than on a Datsun redi-Go.

Digital campaign

The campaign will drive through a series of planned 'social activations' and innovative storytelling under the campaign hashtag #MorePower2You. “The digital arena had been playing a critical role in our successful run in India and we would leverage digital platforms effectively to target our customers," Mr Saigot said.

In fact, digital was leading Datsun’s main communication and marketing strategy. This approach was driven by the fact that globally almost 70 per cent of car sales were digitally influenced. Customers today had great product knowledge. This hugely influenced the way we communicated with customers, he said.

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