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Last Updated Saturday December 05 2020 01:51 PM IST

Each movie is a milestone in my career: Tovino Thomas

Anagha Jayan E
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Each of my movies is a milestone in my career: Tovino Thomas “I take it as a compliment when people say that I don't seem to be 'acting' in my movies,” says Tovino Thomas

Not all artists get a second chance to prove their talent. Actor Tovino Thomas has become the heartthrob of Mollywood following his path-breaking performances in recent movies Mayaanadhi, Aami, Guppy and Godha. His slow and steady career graph itself unfurls an inspirational tale about the heights an aspirant could achieve, regardless of the hurdles on the way. Tovino shares with Onamanorama, his experiences and views about his upcoming movie Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum, directed by Asia's first female cinematographer and camera woman BR Vijayalakshmi.

About your character in Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum...

I play the character of a lover boy in Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum. This is not the first time I play the character of a lover. Perhaps that's one character I have done the most. But there is a difference here. Abhi has two shades which are totally different from one another. The first half of the movie shows Abhi as a young, lighthearted, carefree youth who is into a software profession. A young techie who falls in love with a girl he meets online, Abhi leads a romantic and colorful life until the interval. Post intermission, story takes a drastic twist and the entire mood turns serious.

This movie speaks about a very unconventional life situation which none of my acquaintances has gone through. I didn't have any examples to refer to. Though my character in Mayaanadhi was double-shaded too, Abhi was quite a challenge for me.

Major hurdles you faced during the filming...

The main hurdle I faced was language. Abhiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum is a multilingual movie primarily getting released in both Malayalam and Tamil. I don't have command over Tamil. To act freely in a language you don't know is definitely a hurdle. Added with the complexities in story-line that the movie grabs in the second half, it was quite a tough job for me. The story gets too intense that it becomes the responsibility of the actors to act in a way that the audience don't get bored.


Mayaanadhi was a super-realistic movie. This one is not that realistic but it is surely a package that is suitable for both Malayalam and Tamil audiences with colorful frames, beautiful songs and peppy, romantic sequences.

Regarding the marvelous rise in your career graph...

I have been working hard ever since I entered this industry but good things happen when the right time comes. I have never taken any of my movies lightly. I have worked hard with utmost sincerity in all my movies. I cannot mention a special milestone in my career. The first one is of course my decision to resign my job and venture out into films. Right from there, every movie that has happened to me is a milestone by itself. At one point, I could witness winds blowing in my favour. As everything went in my favour I became successful. Yet, I do not find this permanent. There will definitely be ups and downs in one's life. I have always been ready to take things as they come.

Regarding the responses you have got to your recent movies...

I take it as a compliment when people say that I don't seem to be 'acting' in my movies. I received a lot of responses to Mayaanadhi and Aami and they are mostly positive comments. Apart from some weird questions people ask about acting in intimate scenes, every response is valuable to me. I found it a sweet compliment when people appreciated my performance in Aami. I feel glad when people call both the movies path-breaking. I am happy I could be a part of them.

Renji Panicker a tough opponent in the ring: Tovino

About your process of internalising a character and preparing for it

I engage in long discussions with directors and script writers before I take up a project. I demand a clear picture of my character, his thought processes and personality before I start preparing for him. I know I have a lot of limitations. I have been constantly trying to overcome those. I have already overcome some of my shortcomings over a period of time. Movie to movie, I try to improve my performance and I am sure I have succeeded in my effort to an extent. One thing I do particularly in my preparation stage is taking notes. I take notes about my character when director explains it to me. This helps me to learn quickly and also enhances my behavior as the character.

Each of my new movie is an evidence for my progress an actor. One movie leads to another. It is my performance in one movie that leads to the next. The process is still going on. Even in this movie, director BR Vijayalakshmi cast me in the lead role seeing my performance in Guppy. So every movie is a challenge and a milestone for me. I am still good friends with each director I have worked with. Because I value the role they played in my life.

Your message to the audience...

I want everybody to love and respect one another. Not everybody has a sister, a wife or a girl friend but everyone has a mother. Please respect women. Love people regardless of gender and identities.

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